Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Transaction Wire

  • Cubs sign Neifi Perez, who had been with the Giants, to a minor league deal. His release by San Francisco unfortunately broke up the "I before E except in the Giants' middle infield" double play combo with Deivi Cruz. As for Perez's signing with the Cubs, Baseball Primer says it best: "Dear Mr. Hendry. Iowa is boring. Please [keep] sending crappy shortstops." Meg must be so proud.

  • Indians trade Scott Stewart to the Dodgers for a PTBNL or cash. Apparently, the Dodgers thought their bullpen was too good.

  • White Sox sign Alex Escobar, who had been released by the Indians to make room for Josh Phelps. Well, Escobar is still third in the AL in outfield assists, despite having been in the minors for several months. Of course, he was sent to the minors in the first place because he was having trouble staying over the Mendoza line. Hey, when Coco Crisp has 11 HRs and 50+ RBI, who needs Alex Escobar?

  • The Diamondbacks have placed 7 people on waivers, including Randy Johnson. Don't expect him to go anywhere, because Arizona still has the ability to pull him back. However, that doesn't mean they won't give him up if the right offer comes along.

  • Rumor has it that the Cardinals are looking to recall Rick Ankiel come the September roster expansion. I'm sure most of you are laughing at this due to Ankiel's past "location problems." However, he's been tearing up AA as of late. His problems were mostly a mental thing - "Steve Sax Disease" is the common term, named after the former all-star second baseman who went through a period of being unable to make easy throws to first. I know they're mental, because I go through spells like that on occassion, too. Ankiel says that he believes arm surgery has helped correct what was also partly a physical problem. Whether or not there was a physical element, the fact that Ankiel believes it is fixed is the first step towards him not worrying about it, and towards him living up to the potential of his rookie season.

  • Ced Hilliard, as reported Monday, was released by his hometown team, the Cowboys. On Tuesday, Hilliard was claimed by the Arizona Cardinals off of waivers.

  • Jets sign Quincy Carter. Maybe he's a crackhead, maybe he's not. Carter claims the positive test for cocaine was a media rumor run wild. Considering the media that I know and love, I'd tend to believe Carter. If he is lying, though, he wouldn't be the first coke addict that Dave has watched play for a favorite team.

  • Dolphins waive WR Snoop Minnis. Apparently, the Miami front office had heard of Snoop Dogg's mad pee-wee coaching skills and wanted to add him to the staff. But, after finding out they had the wrong Snoop, Minnis was gone.

  • The good news: USC suspended star RB Hershel Dennis for an alleged sexual assault occuring at his apartment. The bad news: USC still has 2 more star running backs. The worse news: "indefinitely" probably means "until we actually start playing good teams."

  • Speaking of USC: in case you missed it, the NCAA is still sitting on the Mike Williams decision, and he will not be able to play until they make it. He'll be out for at least their opener against Virginia Tech.

KankaMatic Football Draft Winners and Losers: Part 1

Rounds 1-10


  • Andy: Sure, having the number 1 pick overall helps, but check this out: If you put last year's stats into Dave's point system, Andy already has picked up the #1 QB (Peyton Manning), the #2 WR (Torry Holt - and he was a close #2), and the #1 TE (Tony Gonzalez). He can let Butch Davis finish the draft for him, and he'd still do OK.

  • Dave: Dave didn't see a QB he liked in the first two rounds, so he picked up Randy Moss and Ahman Green with his first two picks. Then, Tom Brady fell to him late in the third round. I'd say your strategy paid off, even if Jamal Lewis was a risky pick.


  • Kanka: Seriously, can I run a 3 RB/2 TE set? I lucked out by getting Trent Green (#2 QB by 2003 stats) at #5, but I made up for it with my WR picks. Next time I start wondering why a guy is lasting so long, I'd better start reading up on him. (Well, except for Derrick Mason. I should have picked him up.) Good grief. Maybe I should take Ricky Williams next. He did well last year, didn't he? And hey, Shannon Sharpe hasn't been taken yet...

  • Mike: Mike, you do realize QB rushing stats don't count, right? Right?

  • Ellen: Matt Hasselbeck's a good start. But Clinton Portis is overrated due to Denver's great O-Line, Corey Dillon is a risky pick, and Kellen Winslow - where should I start? Oh, and then there was the debacle with Pete taking Tiki. Ouch.

Not a winner or a loser, but he normally lucks out and wins everything anyways

  • Pete