Sunday, January 08, 2006

They Link Me

I've thrown up a few more links in my sidebar. They're all people who were kind enough to link to me, so please check them out.

4INFO Mobile Search: If cell phones weren't entirely evil, I'd definitely use this often. Text a team name to 44636, and this service will return sports scores for you. Or, text a league name, or a search term....

CJ's Happy Hour: No, not that CJ's. Just a girl who likes auto racing and ND football. (And the Stillers....)

The Courtmaster Rules on College Sports: A sports blogger who's also a freelance writer and has made radio appearances. Wait a minute, this guy may actually know what he's talking about!

Heavyweight Football Champs: An interesting new approach to removing the M from "MNC." Go hard or go home.