Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hey, Do You Like Women?

I hope I have your attention now. You see, I learned something today. Title IX is about more than sports. It's about an end to discrimination in all academic programs. Some would even say that it's about keeping tabs on sexual harassment and opening career choices for women - and men.

Several sportswriters enjoy going out of their way to put down women's sports. Hey, if you don't like a particular sport, male or female, that's fine. But if you feel the need to continuously mention women's sports just to demean them, that doesn't speak well of your psyche. Besides, you're missing the big picture. Everyone should have the goal of being a well-rounded individual. Title IX and women's sports allow girls and women of all ages not only to participate in sports, but also to have positive role models of a healthy lifestyle. Mr. Sportswriter, when your docile trophy housewife (who nods and smiles politely every time your words demean women in any fashion), bears you a daughter, would you rather have that daughter look up to a shallow, petty socialite, or an active, well-rounded professional athlete?

In March of 2005, changes were passed that arguably loosen the compliance requirements of Title IX. Soccer star Julie Foudy and Save Title IX have put together some material on these changes. If you like pictures and sound, check out this flash video. If you prefer words, or don't like the fact that there are so many UConn players in the video, read this PDF factsheet. Either way, be sure to also check out this FAQ, including the "10 Key Areas of Title IX" list in the left sidebar. Finally, I'm not a big "cause" person myself, so I won't request that you sign Save Title IX's petition. However, if you choose to, the petition is found here.

Thank you. I'll be stepping off of my soapbox now to go play some coed softball.
(A grateful hat tip to reader Tara.)