Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What I'm Working On

Really, I'm not just playing NetHack and fooling around with Compiz. Really.

  • The Bring Back Joe Yonto as Notre Dame Defensive Coordinator campaign. I'm throwing some numbers together right now - we'll see how they turn out.

  • An essay requesting you to vote Buck O'Neil into the KankaNation Hall of Fame. No numbers in this one, just words.

  • The return of the KankaNation Gift Guides.

  • A look at the LSU blogs, and a Sugar Bowl preview.

  • Notre Dame Fall Sports Review, featuring Hermann Trophy winner Kerri Hanks and the National Runners-Up women's soccer team. (Darn UNC got them again!)

  • Some ND basketball coverage. The women Beat Purduuue! (ranked #9/10) 67-58 Wednesday night. The men are looking for some more upset magic against Alabama Thursday night, after they knocked off #23 Maryland the other day.

  • Notre Dame Football: The Year in Pictures.

  • BCS Predictions.

Until then, take a look at some of the blogs and sites I've been reading lately. They have also found a new home in the right sidebar.
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