Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Or: Yes, This Blog Is Still Active

Yes, we're still going here, if not as strongly in the past. I'm trying to get back on the blogging wagon, so in the interest of accountability, here's what's on the docket for the next few weeks:

  • Hall of Fame balloting is now open. Click here for more.

  • Reactions to the Brian Kelly hiring. (Preview: I'm a fan.)

  • Reactions to the Granderson and Halladay/Lee trades.

  • Finally, finally, finally catching up on email.

  • National Lampoon Sports Minutes (Or So)

  • Updating the countdown clock. (Yes, there will be one this year.)

  • Sharing code I wrote to convert Excel to HTML tables, and to automate the Horse Trailer.

  • The yearly Notre Dame Unified Winter Sports Schedule.