Friday, January 15, 2010

The Class of 2010

There wasn't much turnout this year, with just three voters plus the carryover. So, I set the threshold at induction. Three individuals met that mark.

Klondike: Every Hall of Fame needs a chaperone. And a captain.

Golden Tate: A Google Image Search for "golden tate" awesome returns 3,940 results. This image is result number one.

Becca Hatton: The Best Goddaughter Ever joins her brother, a 2008 inductee, into the Hall.

Here are the also rans. There were several near misses, and all of those multiple vote getters will receive one carryover vote next year.
Knute Rockne2
Kanka's Dad2
Randy Waldrum2
Brady Quinn1
Kyle McCarthy1
Michael T. Good1
Joe Posnanski1
Muffett McGraw1