Friday, January 14, 2011

The Class of 2011

We had a total of five voters this year, including the carryover. The threshold of three votes gave us four inductees this year.

Dave (4 votes): "Mr. Best Man" is seen here with 2010 inductee Klondike.

Knute Rockne (4 votes): "One loss is good for the soul. Too many losses is not good for the coach." Rock only lost 12 games in 13 years, and put Notre Dame (the football program and the school) on the map in the process.

F-Bomb (3 votes): Ooh, multimedia.

Randy Waldrum (3 votes): Coach Waldrum has been receiving votes ever since the Hall of Fame started, but his second National Championship at ND finally put him over the top.

The also-rans. Remember that the multiple vote-getters will receive one carryover vote next year.
Cleveland2One of the best cities!
JL2for his epic performance at Pete's bachelor party
Kanka's Dad2
Anyone not named Rafael Palmeiro1
Ellie the Dog1for still being alive
George Hatton1
Joe Posnanski1
Kanka1Yes, I think you should go in again like a player who later becomes a coach
Kirk Cameron1for reassuring us these are not the end times
Manti Te'o1because he's a bad man
Muffett McGraw1
Notre Dame1The whole university
Pete's Dad1for traveling to Pete's bachelor party and spending the weekend with us idiots
Ron Santo1
Softball1For bring together the Kankas and making drinking a part of the week
Taylor Swift1
The Midwest1