Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Transaction Wire

MLB Trade Deadline Edition - The Rumor Mill All-Stars

Starting Pitcher

Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks: It's Yankees or nothing, apparently. But do the Yankees have anything the D'Backs want?

Honorable Mention

Kris Benson, Pirates: The Pirates wanted the versatile Mike Cuddyer from the Twins in any deal for Benson. The Twins are looking to use Cuddyer to replace Corey Koskie as their everyday third baseman next year, so he's not available. Instead, the Twins are offering first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz, who plays great defense, but has been disappointing at the plate after a hot start to the 2001 season.
Shawn Estes, Rockies
Corey Lidle, Reds
Carl Pavano, Marlins
Kevin Millwood, Phillies
Derek Lowe, Red Sox: If Lowe goes, it would either be to the Phillies for Millwood, or to the Padres for OF Jay Payton. Why Jay Payton? Trot Nixon can't stay healthy this year, and Johnny Damon is about to join him on the DL.
Gil Meche, Mariners: It's been a disappointing season for the still young and still talented Meche. Not a bad pickup if he can stay healthy.
Victor Zambrano, Devil Rays: A rumor out of St. Petersburg has Zambrano going to the Mets for Scott Kazmir. Not a bad "right now" move to go for Zambrano, but I don't know if I'd give up Kazmir to do it.

Relief Pitcher

Ugeth Urbina, Tigers

Honorable Mention

Jose Mesa, Pirates: The biggest teams looking for relievers are the Giants and Cards, with the Cards looking to Mesa as a setup man. With the Mariners holding on to Eddie Guardado, Mesa was the biggest name until Urbina became available. Basically, this is a case of "if we can't get Urbina, we'll take Mesa" for both teams.
Ron Villone, Mariners
Mike Myers, Mariners: The Indians are looking for relievers, but don't want to give up too much. Villone and Myers are the top names mentioned.
Armando Benitez, Marlins


Charles Johnson, Rockies

Honorable Mention

None. Guess this isn't a high demand position this year.

First Base

Carlos Delgado, Blue Jays: The Dodgers really want Delgado, and he'd be a good fit, but Carlos doesn't want to go anywhere.

Honorable Mention

Mike Sweeney, Royals: I'll just file this one under "Obligatory Mike Sweeney on the Trading Block Reference."
Fred McGriff, Free Agent: With Jason Giambi's health in question, McGriff has spent the past few days trying out with the Yankees.

Second Base

None, unless the Phillies were to use Chase Utley as part of a big deal.

Third Base

Ty Wigginton, Mets: With the emergence of David Wright, the Mets don't need Wigginton as a starting third baseman anymore. He's learned to play first, second, and left field - the question is whether or not he'll be playing those positions in Queens for the rest of the year.

Honorable Mention

Tony Batista, Expos


Nomar Garciaparra, Red Sox: The latest hot rumor has Nomar going to the Cubs for Matt Clement. Not a bad idea for either team. I'm sure I'll have more to say if this actually goes down.

Honorable Mention

Orlando Cabrera, Expos
Omar Vizquel, Indians: If the Nomar trade doesn't go down, Cabrera and Omar are next on the Cubs' list. Cabrera would likely go straight up for Alex S. Gonzalez.


Carlos Beltran, Astros: Will he or will he not challenge Randy Johnson for the shortest stint as an Astro? The Phillies need an option in center field better than Ricky Ledee and Doug Glanville. The Dodgers... you heard it here first... are looking to add Beltran to an outfield already consisting of Dave Roberts and Milton Bradley.

Honorable Mention

Steve Finley, Diamondbacks: The two teams Finley would be willing to go to are the Dodgers and Padres. The Dodgers deal would have been a blockbuster including Randy Johnson, Guillermo Mota, Jason Werth, Paul LoDuca, and Arizona first base prospect Jason Loney. The Padres deal would involve Akinori Otsuka.
Larry Walker, Rockies: The teams that want him would split his time between the outfield and first base: Atlanta, Boston, and... you guessed it... the Dodgers. Sensing a theme here?
Preston Wilson, Rockies
Kenny Lofton, Yankees: Wilson for Lofton is an extremely slim possibilty. Why on earth would the Rockies want to do it, though? Oh yeah, apparently there's a rule that says the Yankees have to screw over stupid teams in all their deals.
Matt Lawton, Indians: Lawton is finally living up to his potential. Do the Indians keep him and think about a playoff run, or stick to their original plan of contending in '05 or '06, and trade Lawton for prospects?
Frank Catalanotto, Blue Jays