Tuesday, December 06, 2005

KankaNation Holiday Gift Guide

The stuff I'd consider getting all of you if I wasn't so cheap.

For Pete, or anyone else going for their doctorate: Evil Genius lab coat

For nickyschu: I know he's trying to shed his "drunk money" image, but this Family Guy t-shirt was too good to pass up.

For Cronk, and/or Mack: Their own Triumph the Insult Comic Dog puppet.

For Klondike: An appropriate t-shirt, and something that will help if he ever has to room with Ray again.

For Yonto: Something to help in his escapes as a basketball coach, book one, and book two.

For Mike: Monty Python plush toys. I also saw a plush Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch at the local Suncoast, but couldn't find it online. Also, something for the new father.

For Baby Hatton: Baby's first propaganda video.

For Ellen: A picture of her and me in a L-O-V-E picture frame.

For Dave: Best T-Shirt Ever.

For the rest of the Schmitt family: A sign to commemorate their Pong Dynasty.

From you, to me: If you're still trying to get me to move out east, you could always get me a New York City helicopter tour. Or, to go along with "those gloves" (so I don't drop the ball), a quarterback wristband with the appropriate plays.

Finally, a few serious suggestions:

Support Hannah & Friends, a cause close to Coach Weis' heart and to mine.

I'm not a big green shirt person, except when it's for a good cause. Pass Right for Montana.