Monday, July 17, 2006

What We're Working On

...or at least thinking of working on.
  • NBA Draft "Never Heard of Him" results. No, really - I have the numbers somewhere.

  • A massive Transaction Wire, coming right after the MLB trade deadline, and including thoughts on the trade of Gerome Sapp to the Ravens, Jeff Samardzija's callup to Low A Peoria, and ND baseball's coaching situation.

  • A "best case scenario" look at current and former Cleveland Indians still active in the majors.

  • First-person reporting from Browns training camp!

  • Guest columns galore! (Hint, hint.)

KankaManiacs can also look forward to the following events (which I may or may not have made up):
  • Kanka's 2007 Midwest Barnstorming Tour

  • Notre Dame Bloggers Tailgate, possibly coinciding with the band reunion/Third Kankaversary celebration Stanford weekend.

  • Win a Date with Kanka Contest (Those currently engaged to fellow KankaManiacs are inelligible.)

Last, pop quiz: Separated at birth?