Thursday, August 17, 2006

Faux Pas

An unnamed SI on Campus staffer just sent me an email asking that I post a link to their new Notre Dame fan gallery. The problem? The link he gave was to the USC gallery, not the ND gallery. (The other problems? The picture of the USC fans on the front page of SI on Campus redirects to the Georgia page, while the text link to the USC page is broken and eventually redirects to the NY Times multimedia page.)

Didn't I see you girls at Howl at the Moon last Saturday?

I am going to be generous to the SI staffer and allow him to make up for his mistakes if he does the following:
  1. Add a link to Kanka's Sports Page to the SI on Campus blog list. (Now that they've finally figured out that this is an ND blog - sometimes.
  2. Allow my dad to trade in his Sports Illustrated with the Ohio State cover for one with the Notre Dame cover. (Since I know that Dad will make a comment about this as soon as he returns from taking my sister to St. Mary's and picks up this week's magazine.)

Wait, I already posted the links, so there goes my bargaining chip. I'm really no good at this whole "negotation" thing.

Notre Dame Football season preview coming soon, I promise - even if it has to come out in bits and pieces.