Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This is the day and you are the team.

by Dave Schmitt, Special to KankaNation

For the first time since 1996 (Lou's last year and a very strong team), I can confidently say these words. Charlie has coached up a team this year that will easily be our best team since 1993, and has a legimitate shot at the title. Of course, one cannot just assume a championship, as many flukey things can happen along the way and it takes a great deal of luck to run the table.

But this year's squad has plenty of things working in their favor:
  • best QB in the country and other playmakers on offense - can dig out of any hole with an avalanche of points
  • very senior-heavy - they've been through hell at the early part of their careers, and are battle-tested like no ND team in a long time (they just seem like a special team: the stud senior QB, the crazy long-haired WR, the hard-hitting All-American safety, etc)
  • Michigan at home
  • Charlie Weis: coach as a positive weapon
  • much more experience and confidence in the secondary
There are some obvious problems:
  • kicking issues (could cost us a close game)
  • total inexperience at linebacker
  • who knows if the pass defense issues have been solved enough?
  • tough early schedule, USC at year's end when their inexperienced team will be very tough
I can see ND dropping a game somewhere along the way. But looking at the schedule, no one game sticks out as a loss. We will be favored in every game, save maybe USC depending on how our seasons have gone. Michigan will be a war- they'll be much better this year and out for revenge.

What does everyone think?

Editor's Note: This post was blatanly ripped from our message board. Please feel free to post your thoughts in the original thread.