Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Notre Dame Football 2008
Issue 11: Syracuse, Senior Week

Notre Dame Players to Watch

37 Anello, Mike Cornerback67 Bemenderfer, Thomas Center94 Brown, Justin Defensive End27 Bruton, David Safety40 Crum Jr., Maurice Inside Linebacker72 Duncan, Paul Offensive Tackle11 Grimes, David Wide Receiver6 Herring, Ray Defensive Safety96 Kuntz, Pat Defensive End86 Kuppich, Paul Tight End/Long Snapper20 Lambert, Terrail Defensive Cornerback43 Leonis, John Defensive Cornerback28 McCarthy, Kyle Defensive Safety45 Patterson, Kris Wide Receiver48 Quinn, Steve Inside Linebacker41 Rodriguez, Nikolas Halfback44 Schwapp, Asaph Fullback13 Sharpley, Evan Quarterback35 Smith, Kevin Inside Linebacker41 Smith, Scott Outside Linebacker63 Tisak, Jeff Offensive Tackle77 Turkovich, Michael Offensive Guard/Tackle42 Washington, Kevin Inside Linebacker

No analysis for this one since it's Senior Week, but I did want to point out that Syracuse's quarterback has a familiar name. Cameron Dantley is the son of Irish basketball legend Adrian. Cam wears number 4, likely a tribute to his dad's number 44.

Also, for those who haven't heard, Michael Floyd and Brian Smith, injured against Navy, are out for the season. With Kevin and Scott Smith potentially playing their last games, there go the hopes of an all-Smith linebacking corps.


Notre Dame 34, Syracuse 17