Saturday, November 08, 2008

Notre Dame News and Notes

  • Jake Peavy is a hot item on this winter's MLB trade market, and the Cubs are one of the teams who want him. Rumor has it that the Padres would want Jeff Samardzija (among others) in return for Peavy.

  • Voting is now open online for this year's Lowe's Senior CLASS Award. Be sure to support for Notre Dame seniors Mo Crum in football, Matt Besler in men's soccer, and Kerri Hanks in women's soccer. Hat tip to an anonymous on campus reader for the links.

  • Speaking of online polls - those reliable sources of truth - this is unrelated to Notre Dame, but Dave Cameron is up for a $10,000 scholarship for his fine work at the baseball blogs USS Mariner and Fangraphs. Vote here, and be sure to check out both of his blogs.

  • Finally, some thoughts on the game:
    • You can't pin this one on the defense at all. They played the entire first half in their own territory, and only gave up 10 points.

    • Similarly, you can't blame the blocked punt on Eric Maust, as ESPN apparently tried to do. Yes, their are certain things a punter can do to avoid blocks, but not when someone races up the middle untouched

    • When Kyle Rudolph is the primary receiver, Jimmy Clausen has gotten into the habit of staring him down the whole time and forcing the pass no matter how many defenders are in the area. This is especially true on passes over the middle. Something to look out for in the next few games.

  • Go Irish. The future is bright but it's not here yet.