Thursday, October 09, 2003

So, I've finally decided to jump the shark (yet again), both in the sports world (by putting my ramblings online), and in the geek world (by finally jumping on the "blog" bandwagon). Here goes...

We'll start with the "weekly analysis addendum":
The TMQ "Obscure College Score" hits home again, this time mentioning Walsh, which around here is known as Walsh Jesuit. I know that I know someone who goes there/had gone there, but I can't think of who right now.
This week at mini-Kanka's school, the 8th graders, and therefore 2 of his teachers, are on a field trip in DC. Therefore, he and the other 7th graders get a few hours of fun activities each day this week. Monday was arts & crafts day, and how fired up was I when I came home and he handed me a Fighting Irish Leprechaun made of sheets of foam. It's hanging up on my monitor at work.
OK, so is Teri the Picc the new Bone section leader, because I've definitely seen more emails from her on the bone listserv than from Pat lately.
Speaking of work (as I did earlier), big news came last Thursday. Starting in November, corporate HQ (hereby known as "The Corporation") has decided to move our operations to Cincinnati. I like the job, but not enough to move to Cincinnati for it. So, I'm looking for work again, but it looks like good ol' First Federal Savings of Lorain will be soon looking for a database guy for their new customer verification policies and web site.'s uniform thing:
Gimmicks don't pull the train, power pulls the train.
Plus, everyone loves the San Diego powder blues.
Baseball analysis:
The Yankees suck! Thaaa Yankees suck! I had that feeling that with a knuckleballer going against a dominating pitcher, the unusual was of course going to happen and the Sox would win. I like the comment in the Daily Quickie today comparing this series to the Lakers-Spurs. As the Spurs did, the Sox won game 1 and said to themselves, "hey, this is a winable series." Nice to see Theo Epstein in and the old management out, too. The old Sox brass wanted to be "just as good as the Yankees," and that really pissed me off. "If you reach for great, you'll acheive good...." Not only that, but putting the Yankees on a pedestal like that only makes them more unbeatable. By the way, is the Todd Walker HR finally going to make everyone shut up about Jeffrey Maier? Of course, Walker's was a HR all the way, but who knows with the media.

Mark Prior is putting himself on the map this postseason, mark my word. Not a bold prediction, I know, but at least those who don't watch baseball regularly will start hearing about him. The Cubs are the better team in this series, but if they're not careful, look out, because the Marlins don't give up easily.

Pitt Preview:
Larry Fitzgerald.
OK, got that obligation out of the way, here goes:
The MAC is a solid conference, but Pitt has still given up quite a few yards against the teams they've played. This is the game to get the run game back on track. With the QB deal settled, things should start going better. The line will want to step it up to make their young QB look good. With Stovall's performance against Purdue two weeks ago, look for the WRs to start playing hard in a little friendly "anything you can do I can do better" competition.
The D-Line will need to get pressure on the Pitt QB. Like Darrell said about Charles Rogers, having a good WR makes you step it up a notch. The run game is nothing to scoff, with Brandon Miree averaging 82 a game. Yes, that's against the MAC, but Purdue and MSU's run defense stats translated to our game too.

Look for a big game from: Ryan Grant (going out on a limb here. Julius is running side-to-side too much. Ryan won't do great, but he will break a few big ones), Rhema (he won't want Stovall to show him up), Glenn Earl (a few big pops on Larry Boy), Darrell (break out game like Stanford last year), Tuck & VA (pass rushers, Tuck is starting to turn it up), and Kyle B (quietly solid all year).

Final: ND 27, Pitt 24. Nick finally gets another chance to win it.