Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Class of 2006

Dick Lynch: (6 votes) Who is Dick Lynch? The Notre Dame standout DB went on to play eight seasons for the New York Giants. He is currently a commentator for WFAN's broadcasts of Giants football. Plus, Ellen LOOOVES him.

Charlie Weis: (5 votes) Um, if you read this site, you may have heard of this guy before.

Hal Lebovitz: Mr. Lebovitz is the first ever Veteran's Committee inductee for the KankaNation Hall of Fame. And by "Veteran's Committee," I mean "this is my site and I can put whomever I want in the Hall of Fame." The legendary Cleveland sportswriter, an inspiration to many, passed away in the fall of 2005.

We had a record 10 people submit ballots this year. Here's how the voting broke down, and some comments provided by the voters:

Dick Lynch6You know, I have no idea who this is. I went for the funny name factor.
Charlie Weis5There is not so much for his coaching as for the man he is. He does amazing work with his daughter's charity, he let a dying boy call a play and followed through even when it seemed a little crazy, he met with kids in Tempe just ahead of the Fiesta Bowl and signed autographs and made his players do that too...he even let a little kid wear his Super Bowl ring and watched the kid throw a few passes. He also made sure those kids knew his players were students too, not just athletes. He's a great man. God Bless him.
Charlie Weis, Jr.3 
Jeff Samardzija3I like the name. Amazing athlete...may go down as one of ND's all-time greats.
Lou Holtz3For verbally kicking Mark May in the nyuts everytime I watch.
Catholic Packer Fan2Because any guy that is Catholic and also roots for the Packers and Irish has to be an OK guy. Plus he reads Kanka faithfully, which should garner a few key votes of support sealing his induction into the Kanka hall of fame. Can't a guy nominate himself?
Dave2Besides Kanka (and maybe Ellen), the most fired up KankaManiac.
Ellen's face2The face of Kankanation. Dah.
Fr. Ted2Do I really have to explain this one?
Jerome Bettis2 
Julius Jones2Hell yeah.
Loyal KankaManiacs2 
Montana Mazurkiewicz2God bless him and his family.
Mo Stovall2 
The Pope2Can't argue with the voice of God on earth.
Rose the cadaver2Click here.
Aflac duck1 
Brady Quinn1 
Bratwurst1what's a football game without one?
Brett Favre1No hall of fame is worth its weight in salt without the grittiest QB this side of the 1960's. A competitor, through and through, and a likable guy from all news reports, too. Plus he plays for the greatest team ever to walk the football fields of the NFL.
Count Chocula1 
Darius Walker1 
Dave Wannstedt1For deciding to coach Pitt, this insures many Irish victories against Pitt in the years to come. Plus any guy that wears a mustache like that for as long as he has deserves to be in a hall of fame somewhere, why not in cyberspace?
The dog from My Dog Skip  
Fr. Joyce1 
Fr. Sorin1He started it all.
Hal Lebovitz1 
Harry Dog1 
John Krasinski as Jim Halpert (The Office)1Um, he pretty much makes the show, plus he's Polish.
Kanka's Infamous Cousin1 
Kanye West1"Golddigger" rocks my world.
Leo Ferrine1 
Lisa Guerrero1For deciding to pose nude in Playboy next month...'old chicks' look good, too.
Niele Ivey1 
Notre Dame women's sports1 
Owners of CJ's1For reopening their bar after having bricks dumped through their roof. I revisited the joint this year after it reopened, it is still essentially the same.
Regis Philbin1 
Ricky Gervais1For bringing The Office to America.
Rugby fan who cut his nuts off1His story is here. Any guy who cuts his 'tackle' off belongs in a hall of fame somewhere, too.
Ruth Riley1 
Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang (Grey's Anatomy)1She's a totally kick-ass chick in medicine--gotta love her.
Stephen Colbert1The Colbert Report is obviously the best new show of 2005.