Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Bonus: What Google thinks of me, courtesy Googlism:

kanka is one of the most successful grassroots reformers in recent united states history
kanka is an old canker remedy that began to lose it's place in the market when less painful remedies started to appear
kanka is dead and there is nothing we can do to change that
kanka is semi
kanka is both a moscow pi tchaikovsky international award 1982 and prague spring 1983
kanka is the price we've paid for that policy
kanka is the assistant to the director and the associate director of the university center and the program in ethics and public affairs
kanka is famous for the yearly zatra knows as bodgeshwar zatra
kanka is the larger lake to the west
kanka is working in his studio in düsseldorf right now
kanka is working in his homestudio in düsseldorf on the follow up to the band's last release
kanka is studying acts
kanka is frozen in our collective consciousness because of her beauty
kanka is the name of a particular type of palm that is abundant in this area
kanka is my husband's grandfather
kanka is my bioloical mother
kanka is kidnapped
kanka is the bomb when it comes to canker sore aids
kanka is sanskritized as
kanka is set for nov
kanka is as much a lord of this kingdom as i myself
kanka is 6th level and has a strength of 18/30