Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Well, the bad new is that my NSS meeting means no post tonight.

The good news is that you've all been signed up for KankaMatic Baseball! Hoorah! But what if you didn't want to play KankaMatic Baseball? Well, it doesn't really matter, because with all the automatic features of KankaMatic baseball, you don't have to do anything if you don't want to! (and, basically it looks really pathetic if Dave and I are the only people playing this) I set a draft order in this fashion: first, I wrote a Javascript that would output our 8 names in a random order. I ran this script 10 times, noting the order of finish each time. I then took the average of the order of finish and used it to determine the draft order. If anybody wants to check my math, let me know and I'll show it to you.
So, without further ado, here's your 2004 draft order:
1. Ellen (Yankees)
2. Mike (Cubs)
3. Dave (Mets)
4. Klondike (Mariners)
5. Pete (Pirates)
6. Cronk (Rangers)
7. Kanka (Indians)
8. Brittany (Cubs)

Some notes on the draft:
  • The draft is still tentatively scheduled for March 1. I'm still taking suggestions on how to do this.
  • Do to the player rankings we'll be using, the autodraft order will be Round 1 Starting Pitcher Round 2 Catcher Round 3 Relief Pitcher Round 4 First Base.... Outfielders will be taken as outfielders, not by specific position (you will still be required to have a left, center, and right fielder on your active roster, however).
  • Remember, the favorite team autodraft rule will apply: no one can autodraft a player from another person's favorite team. You will get the next highest player at that position instead.
  • The draft will be in complete snake format: odd numbered rounds go from 1 (Ellen) to 8 (Brittany), even numbered rounds go 8 to 1. This was based on how the Sports Guy does things, not on my crappy pick number.

I put your favorite teams in parentheses for the autodraft rule (see above). Please correct me if I'm wrong, or forever hold your peace.
Also, please tell me (on the message board or by email) whether or not you're going to autodraft. If you don't reply at all, I'll assume you're autodrafting.
Finally, if and when you come up with a team name, let me know, or else I'll come up with a boring/lame/inappropriate one for you.

Big week this week: Weekend in Review (2 ND men's wins, NBA all star weekend), Transaction Wire, and what a time for the AL East preview to come up. I'll have a lot to say about that. Also, a new feature I'm going to start, the Bubble Watch: I'll take the men's spot in the RPI, subtract the number of conference leaders with automatic bids above them, and see if the result is lower than the number of at large bids (example (I'm making this up): RPI=60 - 25 conference leaders with RPIs above ND = 45, which greater than the number of at large bids available).

Good luck and happy drafting!