Tuesday, February 10, 2004

ND Men Win Some, Lose Some

Francis, Quinn suffer injuries as Irish split weekend ESPN games

The Irish got out to an early lead against Pitt Saturday night. But after back injury for Torin Francis, the physical Panthers were once again too much for ND Men. Oh, by the way, there is a reason why Jaron Brown looks about 38 - he is actually old for college at 24 (which makes him older than most of the Cleveland Cavs).
On Monday night, the fight and heart finally came back to the Irish. Francis played for as long as he could. Once he was out, Tom Timmermans once again had a big game on the ESPN. Helping him were the Cornett(e)s, Rickfinally getting some well deserved playing time. Chris Quinn pulled a Willis Reed (remind me to look up what this refers to), coming back from an ankle injury. It didn't seem on the surface that he did much, but I'd much rather have an experienced ball handler in the backcourt than an inexperienced in Colin Falls. Chris Thomas didn't do too many stupid things, and as a result ended up with 31. The team played hard for 40 minutes, hit keys shots when they needed to, and shut down UConn when it mattered.
My favorite part of the weekend? If you flipped to ESPNews after the game, you would have seen the studio anchor and the three game announcers discussing whether or not the announcers were planning to stop by the Linbacker Lounge after the game. I know I would have been there.

Pro Bowl teams comine for 100+ points

Rule changes for game include "Don't play defense."

Ray Lewis is still and idiot, Mark Bulger may have just nailed the lid in Kurt Warner's coffin, and once again the Browns had no players in Hawai'i.
In case you missed it, Warner claims (and later retracted) that Rams assistants told him his performance is slipping because he spends too much time reading the Bible and not enough studying football. Good good.

RPI Update

The ND women lost to Seton Hall Sunday, falling from both polls and dropping to #13 in the RPI. Their current SOS is 4.
The ND men's 52nd ranked SOS and 10-9 record (as of Sunday) gives them an RPI ranking of 87.

Other News and Ramblings

  • Ruth Riley was chosen to compete for one of the final 3 spots on the 2004 women's olympic team. According to UND.com, Swin Cash, Cheryle Ford, and Nikki Teasley. Four players and 3 spots? Pretty good odds there. Lisa Leslie is the only current center on the team, and Riley is the only center trying out (Cash and Ford are forwards in the 6'2, 6'3 range, as are several women already on the team).
  • OK, I just saw one of the "Wassup" guys on a Dr. Scholl's "I'm gellin'" commercial. You can't make this up
  • In case you missed it, the Patriots were able to get Bill Belichick to do a little "funky whiteness" at their Super Bowl parade. Amazing.
  • Is it just me, or is Serena Williams quickly passing Anna Kournikova for "female tennis player most famous for not playing tennis."

That's it for today. Transaction wire tomorrow and AL West preview Thursday night, as I work on the KankaMatic project.
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