Monday, June 07, 2004

The Weekend in Review

Ramblings from a guy whose twin once hooked up with an Aussie bartender

  • Leftovers from last week: So, on the way home from Knoxville, I stopped at a Wendy's for dinner. The song playing? "Getaway." I can't escape this stuff. Fortunately, I was able to enjoy the whole song, as it took about 15 minutes for them to make a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. Must've been tOSU grads.

  • Speaking of "All Dye, All the Time," I stopped in to check out Lorain Catholic's jazz band a few times this year. Now, the songs they played were the same as always, but they did have a few new ones in the folder. Joining the classic "Carry On My Wayward Son" were "Livin' La Vida Loca," "Smooth," a Gloria Estefan medley (somehow not including "Rhythym of the Night"), and "American Pie." None were Dye arrangements, but I still about fell out of my seat as I flipped through the folder and just... couldn't... escape... the Dye songs.

  • Transaction Wire (wow, haven't done that in ages): Angels sign Raul Mondesi. So, we have Vlad Guerrero and Jose Guillen. With Garret Anderson, that's probably the best throwing outfield in the majors. (In fact, except for Ichiro, who is more technique than raw power, those are probably three of the best individual arms in baseball). Oh shoot, Anderson's hurt. How can we make sure no one goes from first to third on us ever? Oh yeah, that Mondesi guy's available, let's put him in center. Well, I for one wouldn't run on these guys.

  • So, Ellen and Dave are separated at work by one cubicle? A certain catch-phrase comes to mind. Let's see... Oh yeah, "don't be that guy."

  • Speaking of Marsh - is it true that Bon Jovi's brother works there? Is it just me, or do we just have to invite this guy to the 'Backer?

  • Overheard on The Daily show: "If the Republicans can turn 'Lierberman' into 'Loserman,' the Democrats can't nominate someone who has 'sack' in his name." Well, there go my plans for the next four years. (This quote refers to Iowa Senator Tom Vilsack's consideration as a vice-presidential running mate.)

  • I said it before, and I'll say it again. Between the Pistons' defense and the fact the Lakers are guaranteed to not show up for at least two games, LA's going to finish one of these games with about 45 points - total.

  • Poor Smarty Jones. His MO so far has been to hang out in the middle of the pack for 3/4 of the race, then power ahead down the home stretch. Unfortunately, all the other jockeys decided to use the "Australian short track speed skater" method at the Belmont Stakes, hanging out in the back and not letting Smarty be anywhere else but in first. Then, Birdstone pulls the Smarty Jones and saves Visa some endorsement money (Visa supposedly offered $50mil to Smarty Jones if he won the Triple Crown).

  • Poor Philadelphia. They haven't seen a championship since 1983. Yeah. OK.

  • Belmont - Triple Crown race, cheap liquor store, or Canadian strip club? Discuss.

  • ND baseball has finished another fine season (51-12). In the double elimination regionals, ND started on Friday with a 2-1 loss to Kent State's (Kent is not a state) best pitcher. The Irish followed with a pair of wins on Saturday against UC-Irvine and Kent State. This meant ND had to beat Arizona twice on Sunday to advance to the super regionals. Matt "Don't call me Townie" Edwards had two homers. The game was back and forth with ND trailing 6-3 in the top of the 7th. Then, OF Cody Rizzo tied it with a three run bomb. Unfortunately, Arizona was able to manufacture a run in the bottom of the 7th, and the final score was 7-6.

  • The Gipper on ND (courtesy ND press releas): [the University] "stands among the winds of subjectivity for lasting values and principles that are at the heart of our civilization and upon which all human progress is built. If they want to see the goodness and love of life of this generation, the commitment to decency and a better future, let them come here…to Notre Dame."

Baseball's Amateur Draft - Highlights from Day 1

#1 Overall - Padres take local HS SS Matt Bush. A very Twins-Joe Mauer-esque move.
#3 Overall - Mets take Rice (defending NCAA champs) P Philip Humber.
#6 Overall - Indians take P Jeremy Sowers of Vanderbilt.
#10 Overall - Rangers take U of New Orleans P Thomas Diamond.
#11 Overall - Pirates take HS C Neil Walker.
#12 Overall - Angels take Long Beach St. P Jered Weaver. Originally picked to go #2 overall, he dropped dramatically after agent Scott Boras began asking for a huge contract.
#15 Overall - Diamondbacks take FSU SS Stephen Drew - brother of JD and Tim. Expected to be #1 overall until the news of San Diego's interest in Matt Bush broke out.
#16 Overall - Blue Jays take Oklahoma P David Purcey.
#23 Overall - Yankees take HS P Philip Hughes.
Round 2
#66 Overall - Cubs take ND junior (redshirt sophomore) P Grant Johnson.
#69 Overall - White Sox take HS P Raymond Liotta. Maybe they hope he'll play like Shoeless Joe.
#93 Overall - Mariners take HS SS Matthew Tuiasosopo. I'm assuming he's the brother of the former USC footballer.
Round 5
#140 Overall - Rockies take ND junior 3B Matt Macri. Trivia: Macri was the Twins' backup in '02 if they couldn't sign Mauer.
Round 9
#257 Overall - Indians take ND junior P Chris Niesel.
Round 10
#287 Overall - Brewers take ND 2B Steve Sollman.
Round 14
#421 Overall - Twins take ND C (IF) Javi Sanchez.
Teams have until next year's draft to sign the high schoolers and college juniors. If they choose not to sign, the juniors will reenter the draft and the high schoolers will again be draft-eligible after their junior years.