Monday, September 13, 2004

No column today as I needed to work on KankaMatic instead. With only 2 stat updates to go (and one being only 8 days), I will try to email everyone a copy of their roster.

The Weekend in Review will come way late - Tuesday night, which means you'll read it Wednesday morning. I plan on changing things up in the future weeks, though. My thought right now is to do an ND game review on Sunday night (or Monday night if I need an extra day to blow off steam), a complete Weekend in Review/Transaction wire on Tuesday night (to include MNF), and an ND preview on Thursday night. It's just tentative, but that's the plan.

PS Great fantasy football start - Trent Green with a QB rating of 53, and Quentin Griffin on the bench while he picks up 99 more yards than Deuce McAllister. Oh, and I picked the Pats D vs. the Colts. Good, good.