Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Transaction Wire

MLB September Call-Up/NFL Cut Day Edition

  • OK, so Rick Ankiel has been the only notable September call-up so far (Cleveland fans - Clint Bartosh is back, and Josh Bard is in the majors for the first time this year). Best of luck to him.

  • The Cubs trade for OF Ben Grieve. The former rookie of the year never quite lived up to his potential. Now Mike, I like the Cubs and all, so I hate having to rip on their every transaction. But I just have to say this: What, was Brant Brown not available?

  • Only one "hot" trade rumor in the majors right now - San Franciso is looking to pick up Jeremy Burnitz from the Rockies. It's a good deal for the Giants, because it lets them put someone with more pop than Marquis Grissom in the spot immediately ahead of or behind Barry Bonds.

  • In cased you missed it, Kurt Warner was named starter for the Giants this year.

  • Bears place Darrell Campbell on the Non-Football Injury List, which for most teams is really just the "injured playing football in college but we signed him anyways" list.

  • Nick Setta didn't want to steal John Carney's job in New Orleans, and he didn't. Unfortunately, he also wasn't able to unseat the incumbent Martin Gramatica in Tampa Bay. If I were him, I'd keep my answering machine turned on, just in case Martin gets a little too excited after a 30-yarder.

  • Speaking of Gramaticas, Bill was recently released by the Giants. It's for his own good, though. Ellen just would have LOOOOVED him way to much.

  • Shane Walton was waived by the Steelers during the early round of roster cuts, so the Colts tried to pick him up. Unfortunately, according to The Backer, Walton was unable to sign with Indianapolis after failing his physical.

  • Vontez Duff is dropped by the Texans, and in short order, the Bears as well (thanks to The Backer for that tip). He was actually drafted in the 6th round. It's almost as if all his ability to cover a receiver just disappeared after Carson Palmer picked him apart in '02. Some would probably argue, though, that he might not have had cover skills in the first place.

  • Packers place Brennan Curtin on the injured reserve. Curtin is a very large man, so I'll let you make up your own jokes.

  • In case you have forgotten, Ced Hilliard was cut by the Cowboys, then picked up off waivers by Arizona. From what I can tell, it looks like he survived the August 31st cut date. They've given him a uniform number (78), so that's a good sign. The Cardinals website lists him as a tackle (T, not DT, implying he's an O-Lineman) - I don't know if that's a typo or not yet.

  • Browns waive Nate Hybl. 2003: Josh Booty, our third stringer, is our QB of the future! Oh wait, he was just cut to keep Nate Hybl. 2004: Nate Hybl, our third stringer, is our QB of the future! Oh wait, he was just cut to keep Luke McCown.

  • Eagles waive kicker Tim Duncan. Oh, wait, not that Tim Duncan.

  • Chargers waive punter Bill LaFleur. Oh, wait, not that Bill LaFleur (D-Day). Nevermind.

  • Broncos cut Ron Israel. Eagles cut Ron Powlus.