Saturday, December 04, 2004

KankaMatic Baseball Update

The Ticket Exchange board is now the KankaMatic Baseball free agent board. You may place bids on newly released free agents, or you may also post a new free agent for bidding - starting at $1mil. Any player posted by username "FA" is a new free agent with no bids.

Remember that the maximum number of players you can carry is 40. Here are the current number of players on each team:
Ellen: 34
Mike: 37
Dave: 36
Klondike: 36
Pete: 38
Cronk (Steve): 36
Kanka: 40
Brittany: 36

At this time, there will be no penalty for releasing a player. However, beginning next season, you will be charged a penalty of the full player's salary until that player is signed by a new team.

Remember that this phase 1 of the Free Agent signing period ends December 31. As another reminder, KankaNation HoF voting also ends that day.