Sunday, April 17, 2005

Last Weekend’s Weekend in Review

By Ellen Fitzgerald with some assistance from David Schmitt

Ok I know this is a bit late but better late than never so here we go. . .

Last Friday Dave and I went to see the Eagles at the Meadowlands. I bought him the tickets for Valentine's Day. After eating burritos in Bryant Park and getting chased out by pigeons, we headed over to the Port Authority (GIANT bus depot that covers multiple city blocks) to catch the shuttle bus to the Meadowlands. Bad things happen at the Port Authority – people get assaulted in the butt, or taken down by cops after trying to start drunken brawls, as Dave has actually witnessed. After getting lost, as we do every time we are there, we find the ticket booth. While on line a possible homeless man in a green polo shirt comes up to me (I was wearing a green pea coat) and says “Hey St. Patrick’s Day is over!” And I respond “Hey, right back at you. And it is St. Patrick’s Day every day”. He thought that was a good answer, chuckled, wished us a good weekend and went along his merry way. Gotta love New York.

We then proceed to the area where the bus was leaving from and we can’t help but overhear the conversation of the couple in front of us. Yeah, the girl was DEFINITELY a stripper. Like I said, gotta love New York.

Once we get to the concert, we have to wait to get in because the doors weren’t open yet. Once they do, we get inside, and I fall asleep until the show starts. Hey, no laughing, I’m not narcoleptic; I was just up since 3:45 that morning watching the Pope’s funeral.

The show itself was great. I know everyone knows some of the typical Eagles songs like “Hotel California” and “Take it Easy” but pretty much every song they sing is well known and the whole time you are at the show you are saying “Wow, I know that song, I didn’t know they sang that.” Overall GREAT show, they played for hours. Best part was the fact that these guys, especially one of the guitarists who was totally out of control, knew that they were old stars. They basically took advantage of that and said and did whatever they wanted like snickering at the fact that it was a Farewell tour because no tour that is called that really is, and asking women to flash them etc. As you all would put it, high comedy.

After the show, Dave and I had specific instructions of how to meet my dad. (He was working the show and was giving us a ride home) We had to wait for him in the lobby until the arena was cleared out. At that point he came down and told us to go outside to the right until we see an opening where we needed to meet him. Surprisingly one of the least sketchy things I’ve had to do to find my dad at work. The entire way home my dad yacked (which is WEIRD for him) about drunk old people stories from the concert.

The next day, Dave and I were headed down to Lawrenceville, NJ (near Princeton) to my friend Jen’s Cold Stone Creamery (ice cream shop) opening. Before that, we swung by my town’s little league parade to see my boss’s kids march. It was TOTALLY adorable. So after that we headed down to the store thinking that a few of Jen’s friends were going to be there to wish her good luck on her endeavor. Instead when we got there it turned out being this HUGE think in honor of the store opening. There were multiple bounce castles, firemen giving people rides on the cherry picker, clowns, local sports celebrities from minor league baseball and hockey teams, a radio station, etc. (and a special guest who we can’t mention yet). The wait to buy ice cream was even about 45 minutes long! While we were on line we spy one of the “celebrity” scoopers who looks really familiar. After putting two and two together, Dave and I guess that he may be an ND hockey player. So Dave just screams, “Hey Hockey Guy, where did you play in college?” Turns out we were correct, it was Connor Dunlap and he is currently playing in a NJ minor league. Totally exciting. We hung out down there for a while with Rhiana (she exists!) and Brian, a friend of hers from work, Jen and her family, and waited for Lis and her brother Billy and Scott and Kim to show up. Finally Scott and Kim came, apparently he had a bit of a Frisbee accident (to quote Scott: “I hurt my butt”) and as we were leaving Lis and Billy showed up. Their navigation system in their car gave them the wrong directions. . .hmmm

After we left, we went back home to meet my parents for church which was immediately followed by dinner. Picture it, Dave, me, my parents, my boss’s parents (good friend of the family) at this hotdog stand by my house. We are all sitting at a table and my mom and Claire (boss’s mom) decide it would be really fun if they order beer (they don’t drink much) and sound like a bunch of 16 year olds trying to order with a fake id. They really thought they were sooo cool. My mom tries to tell the waitress what she wants (a corona) but can’t remember what it is called and try to describe it with her hands, like the good little full breed Italian that she is. Then Claire, who I think is already drunk on sacramental wine, hold up a ketchup bottle and says she wants one of those. We were all very confused. Turns out she just wanted a beer in a bottle. . .

The rest of the weekend wasn’t very exciting. Sunday Dave and I really just sat on my deck, drank beer and listened to baseball. . .

Look for another update from us coming next week as we are heading to see Pedro’s first start at Shea Stadium, I’m buying Dave dinner as per our tourney bet, and an outing to one of the most Long Island bars in existence.