Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Look at ND's Draft Prospects

Disclaimer: Yes, I am an idiot. No, I don't have any idea what I'm talking about. I did almost all of this just by looking at the team rosters. So, you're probably right and I'm definitely wrong Take it to the message board.

Kyle Budinscak - DE

Cleveland: The Browns need D-Lineman, especially after losing 4 to Denver. As a "big" DE, he theoretically would be a fit in the 3-4. But, Cleveland will most likely have their man by the time Budinscak's at the top of the "Best Available" list.

Chicago: What, and steal Darrell's roster spot?

New York Giants: His competition would be Strahan and guys from Pitt, Rutgers, and Troy State.

Seattle: Good Lord, Seattle has more people with "de" in front of their name than the Montreal phone book!

Green Bay: The Packers right now are carrying one true DE, one DE/DT, one DE on the IR, one in NFL Europe, and one "unassigned" DE. That quantity, but it's certainly not quality at that position.

New York Jets: Deep and good. Not very likely.

Pittsburgh: No idea. The Steelers' roster site doesn't work. But again, he would make a decent 3-4 DE.

Philadelphia: Well, can he stop the run?

Quentin Burrell - S

Cleveland: The Browns added Brian Russell, and will be getting 2004 pick Sean Jones back from injury (while they still have Chris Crocker). I don't see this happening.

Chicago: Well, in Burrell's favor, I don't think I've heard of any of the Bears' 4 safties before.

New York Giants: The Giants are carrying 5 centers. Not happening.

Seattle: Seattle has a free safety named Terreal Bierria. I don't think you can compete with that. (Oh boy, I'll probably get a bunch of random Google hits for "Terreal Bierria" now.)

Green Bay: Fortunately for the CPF, the Packers already carry 5 safeties.

New York Jets: No big names at safety for the Jets, but there are already five of them.

Pittsburgh: Nope, Pittsburgh's too high on Troy Polamalu.

Philadelphia: Philadelphia has some big names at safety, so I don't see this happening.

Jared Clark - TE

Cleveland: Already on the roster are SSgt. Kellen and three guys coming off career years. If they don't take Collins, they're not taking Clark.

Chicago: What, and steal John Owens's roster spot?

New York Giants: Maybe he can be in Jeremy Shockey's posse.

Seattle: Heck with Terreal, the Seahawks have Itula Mili playing tight end. "Clark"? "Clark"? Bah.

Green Bay: Jared Clark just isn't the name that Bubba Franks or Ben Steele is.

New York Jets: Four nobodies at TE, but considering Clark's slide down the depth chart under Ty, I don't know if he has enough publicity to be noticed.

Pittsburgh: Yes? No? Maybe?

Philadelphia: They're not very deep at this position, as the whole hardhat incident proved last year.

Jerome Collins - TE

Cleveland: He's the #6 TE out there, and rising quickly. But, as alluded to above, that's one of the few places where Cleveland is already set.

Chicago: The Bears are carrying 6 TEs right now, but none are big name. Of course, neither is Collins, so that's a tough call.

New York Giants: Not a bad pick as a #2 TE in the late rounds.

Seattle: A Mili-Collins set wouldn't be a bad idea, especially considering how not-clutch the receivers can be on this team.

Green Bay: A Franks-Collins set also wouldn't be that bad.

New York Jets: Again, not a strong position for the Jets. But, with that being the case, would the Jets take one of the five "better" tight ends?

Pittsburgh: Possibly. Collins is still raw talent, and you'd rather have an experienced and reliable option for Ben Roethlisberger.

Philadelphia: Can you argue that Collins is better than LJ Smith? If so, draft him.

Derek Curry - OLB

Cleveland: The Browns have tons of good linebackers, and may add another in the first round. Nothing against Curry at all, but there's no room for him.

Chicago: What, and steal Carl Diggs's roster spot? Oh, yeah, go ahead.

New York Giants: Quick, name one linebacker for the Giants. Ellen? Anyone?

Seattle: Blah blah blah Chad Brown.

Green Bay: The Packers have 10 linebackers between their active and NFL Europe rosters. There's a chance, but not much of one.

New York Jets: This is already a young unit (only 3 of 8 players with more than 3 years experience). With adding Vilma last year, do they really need Curry?

Pittsburgh: Sure, he's a decent 3-4 backer. But, Pittsburgh is notoriously great at that position.

Philadelphia: Again, it comes down to stopping the run. Curry is more of a pass rusher.

Dwight Ellick - CB

Cleveland: The Browns do need help at CB, but rumors have them looking at Kent (not a) State's Abram Elam.

Chicago: He had better start growing his hair now to play CB in the NFC North. While we're on the subject, why isn't Preston Jackson listed on anyone's list of draft prospects?

New York Giants: The good news: New York has no big-name CBs. The bad news: they still have 6 CBs.

Seattle: Son, I know Bobby Taylor, and you're no Bobby Taylor.

Green Bay: Unfortunately for the CPF, the Packers are not very deep at CB, a position of high scrutiny last year.

New York Jets: The Jets look pretty good at this position talent wise. Maybe Ellick can be a depth pickup, but I don't know.

Pittsburgh: Well, he can't be any worse than their 2003 cornerbacks. But, Pittsburgh did improve at that position in 2004.

Philadelphia: The only thing going for Ellick is that Jim Johnson used to coach at ND.

Mike Goolsby - ILB

Cleveland: He got 2 stars from Bernie's Insiders. Theoretically, a decent fit as an undrafted player, if the team already wasn't deep at linebacker.

Chicago: Hometown boy (Joliet Catholic). Don't be surprised if he's an undrafted signee.

New York Giants: I'll ask again: name a linebacker for the Giants.

Seattle: Kacyvenski. Koutouvides. I have a better chance of playing ILB for this team than Goolsby does.

Green Bay: Again, the relative depth is the drawback here.

New York Jets: Wilma is an inside linebacker (I hope), so Curry probably has a better chance than Goolsby.

Pittsburgh: I can picture Goolsby as a Steeler (and for once that's not an insult from me), but again, you need to be a superstar to play linebacker for Bill Cowher.

Philadelphia: You know what, as an all-around linebacker, I really don't see him as a bad fit anywhere.

Ryan Grant - RB

Cleveland: With Suggs, Droughns, and 2004 pick Echemandu (and that Green guy), there's just no room for Grant, even if he is the #14 back. Plus, not being able to catch passes out of the backfield doesn't help his case.

Chicago: Somebody's got to back up Thomas Jones.

New York Giants: Gone is Ron Dayne, so there is a posibility. By the way, Ellen: every time you here Jim Finn's name, do you out of habit go, "Ooh, Jim Flynn! I LOOOVE him!" That's what I picture every time I hear his name.

Seattle: OK, I guess when you have Shaun Alexander, you don't really need a backup. But, again, Grant's lack of catching ability won't help his case in this offense.

Green Bay: Despite injury problems, Green Bay still has three backs who get good playing time. Unless Grant suddenly surpasses Tony Fisher in ability, there's no room for him. (By the way, did you know Tony's full name is Antoine?)

New York Jets: The depth is gone with the loss of Jordan. If Little John Flowers is good enough for the Jets, why isn't Grant?

Pittsburgh: Well, there needs to be a third option behind Duce and The Bus. It's a possibility. (But again, I don't have a roster in front of me, so I have no idea who Pittsburgh has behind Staley and Bettis.)

Philadelphia: Is Brian Westbrook a good receiving halfback because they throw to him so much, or do they throw to him so much because he's a good receiving halfback? And aren't you sick of me continuously getting on Grant for the receiving thing?

Carlyle Holiday - WR

Cleveland: I actually like this one. The Browns' WR corps went from the best and deepest in the league to an assorted array of flotsam with inconsistent hands. Holiday could learn the return game under Dennis Northcutt, and possibly even step in at kick returner.

Chicago: Hey, I'd rather have him than Craig Krenzel or Chad Hutchinson.

New York Giants: The Giants added Plaxico Burress this year. Unless Burress does something stupid, they should be set at WR. So, in other words, Holiday still has a chance.

Seattle: Mike Holmgren: "Carlyle, when someone throws you the ball, are you supposed to catch it, or drop it?" Carlyle: "Hey man, I'm not Kanka." Holmgren: "You're hired."

Green Bay: Two very good wide receivers, and a guy listed on the depth chart as a kick returner. Plus, if Green Bay had no patience with Tim Couch, they won't look to move Carlyle back to QB.

New York Jets: The Jets are deep at receiver. Despite the loss of Santana Moss, they do have Jonathan Carter listed at KR.

Pittsburgh: He plays wide receiver. He used to play quarterback. He can return kicks. Theoretically, it's a great match.

Philadelphia: Not greedy. Not in love with his own voice. Doesn't always demand the ball. Apparently, though, that doesn't matter in Philadelphia.

Billy Palmer - TE

Cleveland: Again, too deep. If I did happen, though, I would volunteer to be in his posse.

Chicago: Blah blah Owens question mark.

New York Giants: I doubt Jesse has that much pull with the management. Billy would be another good candidate for Shockey's posse, though.

Seattle: The Seahawks carry 5 tight ends. That might be enough.

Green Bay: Well, they do have that three TE running set, and Billy is a good run blocker.

New York Jets: I don't think the Billy-Jesse "crosstown" rivalry would really get that much hype. Sorry, Ellen.

Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh does love to grind it out on the ground, and again Palmer is a good run blocker.

Philadelphia: OK, if your three main tight ends are from Rutgers, Kentucky, and Marshall, anything can happen.

Greg Pauly - DT

Cleveland: The Browns need numbers on the line, so it's not completely out of the question.

Chicago: Blah blah Darrell snacky cakes. (Tangent: What ever happened to Ryan Roberts? Google knows: he's now playing with the Memphis Xploders of the AFL2 (Arena League).

New York Giants: Maybe if Pauly tells New York that he went to Troy State. That seemed to work a couple of times already.

Seattle: Really, I just can't picture Pauly in those ugly uniforms.

Green Bay: They look like they're just too deep at the position. I won't rule it out, but it wouldn't be during the draft.

New York Jets: The Jets aren't terribly deep at tackle, but Pauly would be stealing Lance Legree's roster spot.

Pittsburgh: Is he good enough to play NT on a three man line?

Philadelphia: It's Paul Grasmanis's roster spot.

Justin Tuck - DE

Cleveland: He's just the kind of guy the Browns need - a DE who can play a Terrell Suggs-type rushing LB in the 3-4. Not a bad pick if they trade down. The problem? The Browns are already looking at Cedric Benson at #3, and would possibly take QB Charlie Frye with their second round pick. (Tuck is predicted late first/early second round, but I haven't seen a mock draft yet that has him going in the 1st.)

Chicago: Well, Adewale Ogunleye can't play both DE positions.

New York Giants: Strahan and Tuck. Think about it. Plus, Strahan won't be around forever. It's a good pick.

Seattle: Well, we know Tuck is better than Grant Wistrom, but does Seattle know that?

Green Bay: Well, that depends. Is having two star pass rushers (Tuck and KGB) a good thing, or a bad thing (due to lack of balance)?

New York Jets: This is another case where being too much in the mold of John Abraham may be a problem.

Pittsburgh: Perhaps the only person in this article good enough to play LB (or DE) in the Steeler 3-4.

Philadelphia: A good fit in this defense as a combination player. But, the Eagles already have a good front 7.