Monday, May 09, 2005

Sightings/Alumni Updates and Ramblings

by Ellen Fitzgerald, KankaNation Feature Writer

Saturday my dad was at the Meadowlands working a soccer game. Since it was at Giants' Stadium, and my dad cares little to none about MLS, he instead decided to invade the Giants Rookie Camp. He chased down Tuck, Grant, and Lovecchio all who he said claimed to remember me from out mutual experience on the Bob Davie Farewell Tour of 2001. We survivors must stick together. I think when my dad retires from teaching after this school year we should hire him as a roving reporter.

There was a severe lack of TV on Saturday Evening (yes I was a loser and at home alone) so I decided to watch an NFL Europe game on the NFL network (great channel) and low and behold is Nick Setta kicking for the Rhein team. It was very exciting.

On a side note, my mom got very fired up about Kanka this weekend. When I was explaining to her that Dave was meeting a friend (Doug) after he got off the train Saturday night she screams "Kanka???". And I was like "Mom, he lives in Ohio" She said she knew but she was hoping. That then started a conversation about the whole Katricak Clan because she wanted to know all about "the little Kankas" (and you wonder where I get it from) which included imperinations of Harry Dog and discussions of how cute Mini Kanka is and my mom saying that the Katricaks are like "One Big Kanka Sandwich" Because it is Kanka, two sisters, and then a mini Kanka. (Once again, wondering where I get it from?)