Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Weekend in Review

A few quick hits

Miscellaneous Ramblings

  • Megan Duffy has been selected to try out for the US National Team that would compete this summer at the World University Games, and the Under-19 World Championships. Duffy is also expected to be a leading candidate for the Frances Pomeroy Naismith Award that goes to the best senior 5'8" or shorter. This award went to Niele Ivey following Notre Dame's championship season.

  • On the heels of Rickey Henderson being signed by an independent minor league team out of San Deigo, Harold Reynolds shared his favorite Rickey story on Monday night's "Baseball Tonight." Harold Reynolds won the AL stolen base championship with 60 in 1987. "HR" is the only person not named Rickey Henderson to own an AL SB title from the 80s (Rickey only played in 95 games that year, and still had 41 steals). Following the season, Reynolds, who had never really talked to Henderson before, got this phone call:
    "Yeah, who is this?"
    "Oh, hey Rick."
    "60?! Rickey had 60 at the All Star Break!"

  • Let me tell you something - I would not want to be Bob Wickman's manager. (Wickman, of course, is the Indians' closer.) One night, with a two run lead in the 9th and a runner on second, Wickman intentionally balked (yeah, you read that right) the runner to third. Why? So he couldn't tip pitches, of course. (In other words, the runner on second couldn't read the catcher's signs and relay them to the batter.) Of course, Wickman proceeded to walk that batter and let him steal second, but he won anyways. A few days later, Wickman had a one run lead with one out in the night. After giving up two singles, he got a popup for the second out. Then, he proceeded to pitch around and walk the lefty at the plate - moving the tying run to third and winning run to second! - just because he preferred to face the righty that followed. He got the job done, but his save opportunities have never been for the faint of heart.

Transaction Wire

  • What would a mention of Rickey be without a mention of John Olerud? Sure enough, that guy who wears a helmet in the field signed a minor league deal with the Red Sox last week.

  • Giants claim Tim Hasselbeck off waivers. Cue up the search hits for wife Elizabeth Hasselbeck. And really, with Hasselbeck, Eli Manning, and Jesse Palmer, could the Giants have more borderline celebrities at the QB position?

  • LeBron has fired his agents, the Goodwin brothers. It is rumored that he will name high school friend Maverick Carter, currently a consultant with Nike, will become his new agent. It is also rumored that Def Jam Recordings and Russell Simmons will somehow sign a deal with James.

  • After being "turned down" by Phil Jackson, the reported favorites for the Cavs coaching job are Eric Musselman, formerly of Golden State, and Flip Saunders. Both Musselman and Saunders are local products.

  • Joe Torre, Brian Cashman, and Jason Giambi reportedly will meet to discuss sending Giambi to AAA Columbus. Speaking of Cashman, I sorely missed the Brian Cashman Face during last week's Kentucky Derby. It just needed to be there.

A look back at the Lorain Sports Hall of Fame Banquet later this week.