Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Weekend in Review

Good ol' Fashioned Ramblings Edition

  • I recently saw Brett Favre in a Sensodyne commercial. Sensodyne, as you probably know, is a pain relieving toothpaste. Now, wait a minute, isn't this guy recovering from a huge painkiller addiction? Shouldn't his agent be advising him not to do these types of commercials?

  • Have you ever seen less impressive Web Gems than those turned in by Derek Jeter or Ken Griffey, Jr.? OK, I take that back - partially. Griffey has made some nice at-the-wall catches in his time, but he's historically known for taking a loafing route to a ball and then unneccessarily diving just to make the highlight reel. (Mini-tangent: in the mid-90s, it was said that the reason why Griffey made so many more "great" diving catches than Kenny Lofton was because Lofton's speed got him easily to balls Griffey had to dive for.) But I have not seen one highlight of Jeter that has amazed me. That little jump-throw? OK, he's reasonably smart to use it to make up for his lack of arm strength, but I wouldn't call it an amazing play. Give me a guy who can stop on a dime, plant, and fire a seed any day. And, for once, give me a shortstop who makes the highlight reel for a jaw-dropping play, not for the uniform he wears.

  • A random realization I came to today: Klondike works primarily with a programming language called C# - pronounced "C sharp." Now, while coding, do you think he ever has flashbacks of Larry Dwyer saying, "C# grr grr grr second position!"

  • I had a whizzinator joke to go here, but it's probably old already.

  • While we're on the subject of old news, I was also going to give a Dave Chappelle update. It appears that the combination of stress (living up to expectations?) and creative differences caused Dave to flee to South Africa for a week or so, but he did not check into a mental facility while there. Chappelle is now back in the states, but I couldn't find an update on the start of season 3. The season 2 DVD will still be released as scheduled, however.

  • If someone ever asked you to explain what a herky-jerky baseball windup is, just point them to the Angels' bullpen (you can, of course, also include former Angel and current Red Ben Weber). Even starter Paul Byrd, while not herky-jerky, has a "full" windup, bringing his hands behind his back as he winds. This was very popular pre-1960, but otherwise unseen today. Do these unusual styles come from pitching coach Bud Black? Black pitched for the Indians while I was growing up, so I think I would have remembered (and tried to immitate) that. In all honesty, the Angels should just give up and sign Hideo Nomo.

  • Congratulations to 1964 Heisman Trophy winner John Huarte, who will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, in a class that includes former Bowling Green (not a state) and West Virginia coach Don Nehlen and <> Mark May.

  • While Huarte is being inducted, Alan Page will receive the National Football Foundation/College Hall of Fame Distinguished American award. This award is not handed out every year; Page is the 34th recipient since the award began in 1966. From

    Established in 1966 and presented on special occasions when a truly deserving individual emerges, the award honors someone who has applied the character building attributes learned from amateur sport in their business and personal life, exhibiting superior leadership qualities in education, amateur athletics, business and in the community.

    Page, now a justice for the Minnesota Supreme Court, founded the Page Education Foundation, which encourages minorities to continue on to higher education.

  • Finally, here's a nice blurb on the mini-resurrection of Aaron Heilman's career.

Transaction Wire

  • Bears sign kicker Doug Brien. Bad news for Nick Setta - if Brien's signing doesn't end the open competition for Chicago's place kicker position, it only adds to the increasingly long list of Setta's competition for the spot. As a guess, I would say that puts them up to about 7 or 8 people who will be trying out for place kicker. Setta has not shown a strong leg on kickoffs in NFL Europe, and I'm wondering if that will cost him at all.

  • Dolphins sign Abram Elam. Related story here.

  • Mets option Victor Diaz to AAA. Klondike taking Diaz in the fantasy draft has been the Gammonsesque move of the year so far. If the former Alaskan doesn't start paying attention to turning in lineups, his offense is in for huge trouble.

  • Cubs sign Enrique Wilson. Wow, when it comes to the Cubs signing random middle infielders, you just can't make some stuff up. The Transaction Oracle says that moves like this - and optioning promising SS Ronny Cedeno to make room for Wilson - have made Cubs fans frustrated with Dusty Baker. Mike (and Brittany), your thoughts?