Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Notre Dame Record Watch

Now that I have a little more free time during the week, I decided to attempt a weekly look at the team records Notre Dame has/will break this weeek. I had a great thought during the game on Saturday: 50 to 100 years from now, whenever a Notre Dame player has a great game/season/career, people will be saying that that player's numbers were the best by any Irish player since the Charlie Weis era. Then again, 50-100 ago, no one would have predicted 400-yard passing days, so maybe Charlie Weis V will be coaching an 800-yards-per-game quarterback in 2105.

Broken/Extended vs. Tennessee

Consec Games, TD PassBrady Quinn, 13Quinn, 12, '04-'05
Consec Games, TD ReceptionJeff Samardzija, 8Samardzija, 7, 2005
Consec Games, TD Reception to Start SeasonSamardzija, 8Samardzija, 7, 2005
TD Passes, SeasonQuinn, 23Quin, 20, 2005
TD Receptions, SeasonSamardzija, 12Derrick Mayes, 11, 1994
Career 250-yd Passing GamesQuinn, 12 

Broken Earlier This Season

TD Passes, GameQuinn, 6, BYUseveral, 4
TD Receptions, GameMaurice Stovall, 4, BYUseveral, 3
Receptions, GameStovall, 14, BYUJim Seymore, 13, 1966
Two Players, 10+ Receptions, GameStovall (14) and Samardzija (10), BYUnever
Pass Completions, GameQuinn, 33, MSUJoe Theismann, 33, 1970
Passing Yards, First HalfQuinn, 287, BYU 
Consec 100-yd Rushing Games to Start SeasonDarius
, 4, Pitt, Mich, MSU, Wash
Consecutive 300-yd Passing GamesQuinn, 3, MSU, Wash, Purdue 
300-yd Passing Games, SeasonQuinn, 4, MSU, Wash, Purdue, BYU 
400-yd Passing Games, SeasonQuinn, 3, MSU, Purdue, BYUTheismann '70, Quinn '04, 1
400-yd Passing Games, CareerQuinn, 4, Purdue '04, MSU, Purdue, BYUTheismann, 1

Records Likely to Fall This Season

Passing Yards, SeasonJarius Jackson, 2753, 1999Quinn, 6473971
Passing Yards, CareerRon Powlus, 7602, '94-'97Quinn, 70648388
Completion Percentage, SeasonKevin McDougal, 61.6%, 1993Quinn, 65.2%65.2%
Passing YPG, SeasonThiesmann, 242.9, 1970Quinn, 330.9330.9
Receptions, SeasonTom Gatewood, 77, 1970Samardzija, 5177
Receptions by TE, SeasonKen MacAfee, 54, 1977Anthony Fasano, 3654
Receptions by Back, SeasonBob Gladieux, 37, 1968Walker, 2639
Plays, CareerPowlus, 1201, '94-'97Quinn, 1088 
Total Yards, SeasonJackson, 3127, 1999Quinn, 27194079
Total Yards, CareerPowlus, 7479,
Quinn, 71578517

*With the Irish bowl eligible, Pace assumes a 12 game season.