Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Go NBA Playoff Scheduling!

Link dump:

Yes, the current poll sucks. Feel free to leave suggestions on the Message Board.

Speaking of the message board: if you haven't been there lately, check it out. (Wow, Marcus Barlow is tight with LeBron!)

I'll admit it, Deadspin is really growing on me.

If you were a fan of the CPF, be sure to check out To Whom Much is Given. named Kanka's Sports Page a "ND Websites You've Gotta See." Well, theirs is also one you gotta see.

Baby fight!

The WNBA tips off May 20, allowing for another
gratuitous picture of Becky Hammon. As Ryan Roberts
would say, "Hey guys, look at the puppy guys!"

The Big East baseball
tournament starts May 23,
allowing for this equal
opportunity gratuity.