Monday, May 22, 2006

"Never Heard of Him": Year 2

Last year, I unveiled my "Never Heard of Him" theory, basing a basketball player's decision to enter the NBA draft early on his name recognition in a randomly sampled group of people. Here are last year's results. Of course, the more information we collect (both in size of the group polled and the time span), the more we will be able to learn.

So please, take a look at the early entries to this years NBA draft, and let me know who you've heard of in this post on the message board. Even if you've never posted on the message board, we'd be glad to have you. As this is a predominantly a Notre Dame site, data on Big East players is understandably tainted. So, the more the merrier! Not a sports fan? Not a basketball fan? Go for it!

The draft begins on June 28. Please post your picks by 5 PM Eastern on Wednesday, June 14.