Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Class of 2007

There were 9 ballots returned this year. The magic number for induction therefore was set at 5. No one got more than 5 votes, but two lucky candidates hit that total exactly.

Lou Holtz: This should come as no surprise, given the average age of the readers of this site. Those in their 20s grew up watching Lou Holtz lead dominant Irish teams onto the field every Saturday. He has inspired many people in many ways, and is one of the true motivational geniuses of our time. Holtz joins Joe Yonto and Charlie Weis as the third Notre Dame coach in the KankaNation Hall of Fame.

Jeff Samardzija: If you follow college football at all, you know The Shark's story. Now that he has finished setting records at Notre Dame, Samardzija will go on to live the dream of many a young boy or girl by playing not one but two sports for a living. Samardzija joins fellow former Irish players Gary Godsey, Darrell Campbell, and Dick Lynch in the hall.

And now, the also rans, with select quotes from the voters themselves. Young Patrick Hatton made a stunning debut on the charts, just missing induction on his first try. Meanwhile, my impassioned plea for Buck O'Neil's induction fell on deaf ears. And once again, Andy rounded out his ballot with food and buildings (and this time, a major region of the country).

Patrick Hatton4
Carl Monday3
Peter Gammons3
Charlie Weis, Jr.3
Brady Quinn3
Fr. Ted3
Fr. Sorin3Why not have the man who built the University(twice)?
Jerome Bettis2
Fr. Joyce2He was named after the JACC. That's just cool.
Knute Rockne2Without him, who would we cheer for on Saturday?
Wellington Mara1
ND Women's Soccer1
Kerri Hanks1
Travis Thomas1
Stonehenge War Memorial1
Rhema McKnight1
Terrail Lambert1Yes, in my mind, that one play will make up for all the bad ones.
Regis Philbin1
Bill Clinton1
Count Chocula1
Hillary Clinton1
The Aflac Duck1
Derek Landri1
Colin Cowherd1For publicly stating Tee Time Ty is a terrible coach!
The Yule Log1
Bratwurst1Bratwurst...The perfect pre-game meal.
Nachos1The perfect game snack.
The Midwest1Ah, the real America.
Alan Page1aka Jon's Boss
Buck O'Neil1
Fake cell phones1beep boop beep beep boop