Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Top Travis Hafner Facts

by Dave Schmitt

Editor's note: My comments are in italics. -Kanka

These are the 10 best things I learned about Cleveland Indians' DH Travis "Pronk" Hafner in this week's incredible Sports Illustrated article:

Bingo Night in his small North Dakota hometown stops every time he comes up to bat

He has his own candy bar called the Pronk Bar
Unfortunately, they're only sold locally. I did see these in the mall the last time I was there, but regretfully I didn't pick one up.

For a pro athlete, his wife is surprisingly unattractive
I'm not saying I wouldn't.

He once ate Lucky Charms 30 days in a row

His only outfit is a pair of jeans and a pro wrestling t-shirt, of which he owns 50
Dave's jealous

His nickname Pronk is a combination of 2 nicknames from his rookie year: “Project,” because he was so raw, and “Donkey,” because he runs the bases like a clumsy donkey. Kanka claims that Donkey refers to the way he is hung
I've only heard the rumor, I can't confirm it. And the exact term I heard was "tripod."

His mother calls him Pronkinator

His parents’ house has black cement bears on the front lawn

He once shattered a backboard with a dunk in a high school basketball game

He learned to hit by whacking rocks in the backyard