Thursday, January 11, 2007

Like a One Second Pop Quiz

The college football season is finally over, and that can only mean one thing: It's time to start counting down to the next college football season. Here at Kanka's Sports Page, that means the return of the somewhat-famous player countdown clock. The problem is, many of the faces on the clock are leaving. That's where you, the readers come in.

I'm asking you to help me pick out new faces for the player countdown clock. Like a coach looking for a cheap motivational tactic (or perhaps one not willing to tip his hand so soon before the season starts), I'm putting 9 of the 10 numbers up for grabs. That's right, even the returning players (Charlie excluded) can be replaced.

In case you couldn't tell, I try to relate the clock number to the player's jersey number. Here are some suggestions to get the discussion started. But you don't have to follow my suggestions - pick whomever you like: classmate, dormmate, gutsy walkon, secret crush, whatever. Post your ideas on the message board thread.

Current Face: Charlie Weis, Not going anywhere

Current Face: 10 Brady Quinn, Graduating
Best Suggestions: 1 DJ Hord, 11 David Grimes
Other Suggestions: 15 Leo Ferrine, 17 Geoff Price, 19 George West, 61 JJ Jansen, 71 Bartley Webb

Current Face: 15 Leo Ferrine, Returning
Best Suggestions: 2 Darrin Walls, 20 Terrail Lambert, 22 Ambrose Wooden
Other Suggestions: 12 Zach Frazer, 25 Munir Prince, 26 Travis Thomas, 27 David Bruton, 32 Luke Schmidt, 52 Joe Brockington

Current Face: 3 Darius Walker, Headed to the NFL
Best Suggestions: Walker (should he change his mind)
Other Suggestions: 13 Evan Sharpley, 32 Luke Schmidt, 34 James Aldridge

Current Face: 44 Asaph Schwapp, Returning
Best Suggestions: 4 Demetrius Jones, 40 Maurice Crum, Schwapp
Other Suggestions: 34 Aldridge, 54 Anthony Vernaglia, 74 Sam Young

Current Face: 5 Rhema McKnight, Graduating
Best Suggestions: 55 Eric Olsen
Other Suggestions: Ferrine, 25 Munir Prince, 52 Joe Brockington

Current Face: 66 Derek Landri, Graduating
Best Suggestions: 6 Ray Herring
Other Suggestions: 26 Travis Thomas, 61 JJ Jansen

Current Face: 68 Ryan Harris, Graduating
Best Suggestions: 77 Michael Turkovich
Other Suggestions: 17 Geoff Price, 27 David Bruton, 74 Sam Young, 78 John Sullivan, Jimmy Clausen

Current Face: 83 Jeff Samardzija, Graduating
Best Suggestions: 8 Raeshon McNeil, 80 Richard Jackson, 88 Konrad Reuland
Other Suggestions: 89 John Carlson, 78 John Sullivan, 98 Trevor Laws

Current Face: 9 Tom Zbikowski, Plans to return
Best Suggestions: Zbikowski, 90 John Ryan
Other Suggestions: 19 George West, 49 Toryan Smith, 59 Chris Stewart, 89 John Carlson, 98 Trevor Laws

Here's my "depth chart":

What do you think?

(Credit for the title of this post goes to Catholic Packer Fan.)