Sunday, July 29, 2007

Top 9 Other Ways Title IX Could Have Been Implemented Vis-à-vis Sports, In Increasing Order Of Unlikeliness

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#9: All sports, being inherently inequitable, could be eliminated entirely.

#8: Men and women could be integrated into a single team.

#7: Schools could segregate into men-only and women-only institutions.

#6: We could all just smile and nod, pat Title IX on the head, then ignore it and go about our business.

#5: We could redefine "sports" to include things like shopping, child-care, nagging, and feminine hygene.

#4: We could redefine "men" to include things like women.

#3: Every male player in every sport could tie a female player to his leg, in the manner of a three-legged race.

#2: A lottery could be held in each school. All members of the losing sex would undergo sexual-reorientation surgery.

#1: We could devolve as a species back into single-celled, asexual bacteria, where concepts like "sports" and "gender equality" are meaningless.

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