Thursday, October 30, 2003

Aw, here goes.

Some of the most memorable games in Rock's house over the past few years: Nebraska. Michigan. USC. Which will this resemble? This could be the game where we turn it around.
Let's start with the run game. Greg Jones only averages 54.7 a game, but this team can still get it gone on the ground. Craphonso Thorpe is up for the Biletnikoff. When I first saw his name, I thought it was a NDNation joke of "Alphonso" or something. From now on I'll just call this guy "Crappy." The good news is, Vontez has done a decent job this year. The bad news is, PK Sam can now wreak havoc on the rest of our secondary. The line will have to get to Rix early and remind him how much he sucks.
On the other side of the ball, FSU's run D has not been overly impressive. ND's run game doesn't look well statistically, but that's because we have a passing QB and play from behind so much. We need to establish the run early. And we're not gonna pass until their secondary comes up to close!
On special teams, tackling and blocking are key. Maybe we should have Setta and DJ out there at the same time so our coverage improves. We'll also need a return or two.
Time for a huge win for Our Lady's University.

Look for a big game from: Julius, Quinn, Rhema (the word "playmaker" is overused already, so might as well use it again), Tuck & Va (passrushers), Vontez (he's on his own), and Courtney (he's been great all year - time to step it up even more - sacks and takeaways)

Let's see... 31-24, 34-24. I'll take 27-24. Quinn to Rhema, DJ, Julius, Courtney.

And don't forget men - today's the day we're going to win!