Thursday, October 23, 2003

"If he is right in front of me, as soon as game time goes down and you see all of these guys passing who gave you that kind of disrespect, blood is going to boil a little bit. So if you have the opportunity to take it to a guy, you have to take it to a guy." - Darrell Campbell

Darrell and Ty took some heat on NDNation for Darrell's comment that Ty preaches forgetting about last year. The NDNation guys used it as fuel to the "this team has no fire" argument. Nope. You focus on fundamentals over revenge, because revenge leads to anger, which leads to stupid mistakes.

One out of four. That's how many times BC lost while the class of '03 was in school. This should be a lopsided rivalry, but it's quickly becoming close.

BC has had an ok season. You could argue that for the most part, they've beaten the teams they should have (PSU, UCONN, the Fighting Ball State Fighting Football Fighting Football Cardinals, Temple), and lost to the teams they should have (Wake, Miami, Syracuse?). They do it with their run game. Derrick Knight is leading the country in YPG, and ND's had trouble with BC running backs in the past. The linebackers have to play big, and our SS will have to prove he can play there (Bible this week). At first, I thought their passing game was nothing to be worried about (no receiver over 40 YPG), but it looks like they spread the ball out rather well (9 guys with 10+ YPG). Time for the secondary to step it up, especially with Glenn Earl allegedly out for the season. Duff gets a break by not facing a big #1 this week, but that doesn't mean he should slack off. He should step it up even more, and get a few picks. He's got to be the guy in the secondary on Saturday. Our D Line also needs to show up this week, but since they're banged up, the backups will have to step up, especially as run stoppers. The artificial turf isn't going to help the starters on the line.
Their D isn't great. 129.7 rushing yards per game should mean a big day for Julius and Grant once again. 200 passing YPG should mean a decent day for Quinn, if he remembers to stick to the advice Joe Montana gave him.
On special teams, BC has been pretty bad on punt converage. Meanwhile, our return team is finally starting to straighten things out. Vontez may not reach the end zone, but he will see one or two big runs.
BC plays ND tough every time. The boys from Our Lady's University need to be ready, and they need to know that if they're up for the game, they'll win.

Look for a big game from: the coaching staff, Julius & Grant, Fasano, Clark, Omar, Rhema (3 "posession" receivers, and a clutch performer), Big Ced and Darrell (they have to stay healthy), Kyle B, the Senator, BHoyte, Vontez

ND 24, BC 20

Gimmicks don't pull the train, power pulls the train