Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Nothing happened in sports this past week! Everyone was on vacation!

ND/USC: Rudy was on TNT the night before. I thought that was a good sign. Nope. No pressure on the QB. No secondary. This was like a Miami vs Big East game - they hung in for a while, then remembered the other team was supposed to be better than them and gave up. I don't want to talk about it any more.
ND/BC: Time to tune the radio. Hoorah, Iowa vs Penn St! Go Big 11 country!

Cleveland/SD: I haven't seen anyone, or any group, drop the ball so much since Cedar Point last October. Dah. San Diego tried to lose this game many times, but the Browns didn't let them.
Pittsburgh: Want to sound smart without thinking? Say Hines Ward is the best receiver in the league because he blocks. Guess what? He's not the only receiver who blocks. Give me someone who's not a prick and who doesn't head for the locker room early when his team is down 30-13.
KC/Oakland: Finally, a block in the back call on a Dante Hall return. Also, I'm sure everyone realized that Tim Brown had to leave the end zone to avoid an interception. If only he had run his route 2 yards deeper, maybe... How old are the Raiders? They don't have mouthguards attached to their facemasks, they have dentures! Ha! Thank you, I'm here all the week. Wait, what's that? Dick Vermeil always does well in his 3rd year? Does ND have it's next coach? (No, don't panic, I'm still behind Ty all the way.)
Denver/Minnesota: So, Denver resigned Jarious Jackson? I would've just told them to screw it after what they pulled. On a positive note, thanks for a great career, Steve Beuerlien.

With the Walker trade, Dirk will be playing more at center for the Mavs. Great. This guy isn't physical enough to play D at small forward.

Congrats to Indian Jody Gerut (pronounced similar to "Garrett," not "Ja-roo" as ESPN seemed to think). The way the big press hyped everyone else, I didn't expect him to finish higher than 5th in any rookie voting (Matsui, Texiera, Baldelli, Angel Berroa, and that's just the hitters). He was in the top 5 in almost every offensive category among rookies. And have you seen him play defense? Diving and completely laying out to cut off a one hopper in the gap... and he's an outfielder! Trust me, he's fun to watch. (This is the guy my dad confused for Carlos Baerga, if you're still not convinced of his greatness.)

So, I've started to watch WWE little by little again. Lance Storm's new gimmick is still as a lifeless stiff, only one trying painfully to act like he's cool and fun-loving. He even calls himself "Mr. Entertainment." His entrance involves incredibly white dancing that rivals that of one Mr. Cronk.

Tough luck with TMQ (I refuse to discuss politics on this page, so I will not reveal my opinion on this subject). However, one of the national directors of the National Slovak Society, Mr. Joseph Stefka Jr., would make him proud. He graduated from Indiana of Pennsylvania, then went on to California of Pennsylvania. You can look it up.

Indiana U's football team is being investigated in a long distance scandal. How much you want to bet Miles Brand tries to blame this on Bobby Knight?

Speaking of Knight, Mike Krzyzewski was recently lauded because he's going to be teaching a Business Ethics class next semester. So? Bobby's been teaching an English class since he started coaching. He's always believed a coach should be a teacher as well.

So, I open up to the sports section of the Lorain Morning Jounal yesterday, and there's a huge picture of a Lorain Catholic (my official alma mater) soccer player (boy's soccer is our only good team right now) giving the ol' "excessive celebration"! Bobby Brown would be proud.

And finally, I was reading the Back Room of NDNation (yep, I jumped the shark once again). They were having a discussion about "Legends" (I can't put enough quotes around that name), and one person posted a link to the beer selection. There are quite a few beers to choose from, but no Four Horseman? C'mon, you'd think that would be an obvious choice! Oh well, one less reason for me to go there after my token "I wonder how bad they ruined this place" visit.