Tuesday, October 28, 2003

ND/BC: I know of three people who didn't know that Darrell didn't play in the second half. My excuse was that I could only listen on the radio; I don't know what excuse the other two have... Well, let's see, our kicker was our defensive MVP, and a cornerback was our special teams MVP. Stupid question that maybe a real expert could answer: the dropped passes - is there any way that could be the QB's fault - weird spin, etc? Quinn is great, and he's the future, but you have to wonder when every receiver gets the dropsies (the Browns have this same problem). I don't but any fauly on the 2pt conversion decisions. There's no way of knowing how things are going to turn out. Um... I don't want to criticize or make excuses any more, so let's move on.
VPI/WVU: "Virginia Polytechnic Institute" didn't show up when they finally had something close to competition - are they another KState? I think they'll do alright against Miami, though. WVU is doing alright. They're what a "bad" ND team should be - maybe not beating all the big teams, but at least giving them a scare (whereas a "good" ND team would just beat everyone).
GaTech/Maryland: Not much happened, plus the World Series was on. I did like the part where the receiver did the DDP Diamondcutter move (the hand signal at least, not the actual top rope move) after scoring the game's lone TD.

Browns/Pats: Ugh... well, without an O-Line and with a starting RB out because a shoulder injury worsens his fumbilitis. SAT test:
James Jackson (RB the Browns kept over Autrey Denson) : Butch Davis ::
a) Danny Wuerffel : Steve Spurrier
b) Clifford Jefferson : Bob Davie
c) me as a starting shortstop : me as a player/coach on a church league softball team
d) all of the above
Denver/Baltimore: They should have started Jarious. At least then the game would've gone down to the wire instead of losing by 20. Memo to Brian Billick: do us a favor. Look "class" up in a dictionary, write a 500 word essay on it, then forward it to Shaq (and Kobe), Warren Sapp (and Keyshawn), and Kellen Winslow II.
SF/Arizona: I finally figured out why Terrell Owens wants the ball thrown to him more. He leads the league in drops, so he needs more tosses his way to get his number up near Marvin Harrison's.
Miami/San Diego: Saw a sign that read "Ricky for Governor," and I'm thinking, "governor where?" I mean, he's from California, he plays in Florida, and the game is in Arizona. "I'm confused!"

Game 7 of the 2001 World Series was on last night, same time as MNF. Watching it, it was great. How did the Yankees lose? Up 2-1 in the 8th, with Rivera in, Johnson in but running on fumes, and neither offense doing anything. Plus, the announcers (for some reason an ESPN crew) were practically pulling a "Dewey defeats Truman!" Almost brought a tear to my eye.

There was a little blurb on SportsCenter this morning that said Bobby Knight declined to attend a basketball coaches ethics conference. To brutally paraphrase, "most of those guys have no right to teach ethics. I do my own thing, and that's all that matters." And the anchor (Kevin?) gave him a "right on!" How much you want to bet that ESPN, who absolutely hates Bobby Knight because he makes them look stupid, has the anchor fired by the end of the week?

Post of the day on NDNation. The whole thread was great.

I was looking into the George Steinbrenner/Lorain connection, and came across this article. Also found this interesting one on Ed DeBartolo, Sr. The name may sound familiar. Some notes: Amship operations were moved from Lorain to Tampa completely around 1982. That area is now being remodled as a park/pavilion area. The Lorain Sports Hall of Fame, of which Georgie was formerly a big fan, has my dad as a treasurer and past president. The Jacobs of "Jacobs, Visconsi & Jacobs Company," I'm assuming, is the same Jacobs of "Jacob's Field." I believe Eddie also built the good ol' UP mall. Interesting to note that both almost owned the Indians.

I was flipping through the digital cable on screen guide, and noticed it listed pay-per-view/InDemand channels offered, even if you don't receive them. The sports "season pass" channels are listed as espn1 through espn7. However, espn6 is conspicuously missing. Mayber they're planning it after all?

Speaking of ESPN, Playmakers hasn't been on yet, but I swear the girl in the promos is Stephanie McMahon. Could be...

Alright, I leave you with a LeBron prediction for tomorrow night: 12 pts, 5-15, 0-2 3pt, 7 asst, 8 reb, 5 TO