Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Want me fluff pillow?

  • A very belated but very deserved Bone Hero nod goes to Jess Beguin, for chauffeuring the group of ne'er-do-wells that was Dave, Yonto, Aflac, and myself on band reunion weekend. Jess, I owe your car seat a million more hugs. By the way, do you think I could get it's number?

  • The Bone Class of 2003 was OK on the football field, but their legacy may be the Recruiting Class of 2028. Patrick Hatton, baptized last weekend, is already showing off his moves to the scouts. Rumor has it that Katie Bravo has "contributed" a boy to the class, while Baby Boy Cronk will be joining the world in a few days.

  • In the "promises that I probably won't be able to keep" category, I plan on paying more attention to the ND sports teams that John Carlson didn't play for. In theory, that includes my beloved Irish women's basketball team, which tips off exhibition play Tuesday night.