Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Little Nash Ramblings

  • As per Christmas tradition, I flipped through the toy section of our JC Penney Christmas catalogue. There was a two-page spread on "Power Team: World Peacekeeper" toys - military action figures/really good GI Joe knockoffs. The ads didn't mention whether they came with lifelike Cleveland Steamer/Golden Shower action.

  • Baseball Prospectus: Kenny Rogers only uses pine tar at home, maybe.

  • I just saw the replay of Plaxico's first MNF touchdown. I kept waiting for the announcer to yell, "My God, King! Roy Williams knocked the ref unconcious! He didn't see the touchdown! He's not going to count the touchdown! That's just not right!"

  • OMFG! Troy Smith should be given the Heisman right now! If anyone even deserves to finish second to Smith, it's Ted Ginn! Jim Tressel will be the next Browns head coach! Or not. (Note: These may or may not have been story topics in multiple Northeast Ohio newspapers over the past few weeks.)

  • The Browns fired Offensive Coordinator Maurice Carthon. Is Romeo Crennel next? No. Why would he be? It's going to take a while to undo what Butch Davis did, and at least the team is headed in the right direction now. Hey, both of Crennel's first round draft picks (Braylon Edwards) and Kameron Wimbley) are actually competent! The defense is on its way up, thanks to Kameron Wimbley and cornerback Leigh Bodden. Bodden quietly and routinely shut down the best receivers in the league before he got injured. Even the offense has some talent. True, Charlie Frye needs to decide if he's a circa 1999 poor man's Brett Favre or a circa 2005 one, but he's still young. There's talent at the skill positions. They just need a healthy line and some good playcalling. (And by no means is it fair to compare Carthon's playcalling to Charlie Weis'.) Sorry, Crennel's not going anywhere.

  • (Fans who don't follow the Browns but do follow SAT questions will find this analogy useful: Maurice Carthon:Romeo Crennel::Rick Minter:Charlie Weis.)

  • F-Bomb has a theory: If you can't name seven starters on your own team, you have no right to talk smack about other teams. With the rumors of Crennel's firing, and Joe Jurvicius's recent comments that Browns naysayers can "go to hell," I'd like to propose a corollary to that theory: If you can't name seven starters from your own team, you have no right to complain about that team. (Don't ask what brought this up.)