Wednesday, October 04, 2006

News and Notes

Not much time to write a Stanford preview, so I turned it over to our Chief Legal Analyist, Jon Byrer. (Scroll up.) Congrats to Jon, who just accepted a clerkship with the Minnesota Supreme Court. You may recognize the name of one of his new employers.

In my Purdue wrapup, I wondered aloud if Brady Quinn set any records for career total yardage against Purdue. Pete Schrock from did the legwork and sent me this email:

The latest column posed a question whether Quinn's numbers vs Purdue put him in either ND or PU's record books.
The answer is yes, both. In fact. the NCAA record for yards against one team was set by Hawaii's Timmy Chang, who played five times against Rice because of a medical redshirt year. He had 1,719 yards against the Owls. In his final four seasons, Chang had 1,498 yards of total offense versus Rice. Quinn has 1,497 vs Purdue

Not that I doubted Pete, but I checked the official NCAA recordbook (PDF). Chang did get 1,719 in five years against Rice, but the official record holder is (or should I say was) Ty Detmer with 1,483 against San Diego State. Somewhere, Rocket smiles.

Quick thoughts on the baseball playoffs:
  • Here's an excerpt from Baseball Between the Numbers on a winning formula for the playoffs. As you may have seen in last week's SI, this is how this year's team's fit the formula.

  • A's/Twins: Ah, the finally one of these teams will win a playoff series. This series features a west coast team and a team from the central time zone. So for obvious reasons their first two games are played in the 1 PM eastern time slot. right. Crazy series so far. For the past few years, the Twins were a team built to play pinball in their dome, but suck on the road. This year they finally found a balance, and I was going to predict them to go far. Then the A's won the first two, in the dome no less.

  • Mets/Dodgers: I was watching the game today, and saw a guy in a gray Mike Piazza jersey. I couldn't tell if it was a Mets jersey or a Dodgers jersey. Or maybe he was just a really confused Padres fan.

  • Cardinals/Padres: I watched Game 1 of this series on's new "Enhanced Gametracker," even though I could have watched it on TV. Enhanced Game Tracker is like crack to a baseball fan like me. For each pitch, it tracks release point, velocity at release, break (angle and distance), and velocity when it gets to the plate. They even do the little animation that tracks the pitch. Then you can go back to each at bat in the game and watch the animation pitch by pitch. Put's ESPN's new gametracker to shame.

  • Tigers/Yankees: Tonight's game got rained out and will be made up Thursday at 1 eastern. Apparently the Tigers are pissed at MLB for not being told early enough that the game was being moved to tomorrow. The Yankees were told, and Mike Mussina didn't bother to warm up. Justin Verlander did. Considering Verlander is a young pitcher who's already thrown more inning than he ever has in a year (and his performance started slipping in the last month or two to prove it), this could have serious repercussions. I only have one question: "Derek Jeter: Great shortstop, or the greatest shortstop?"