Thursday, November 30, 2006

Go Bobcats

Beat Chippewas!

Be sure to catch the Marathon (as in the oil company, not as in "really long") MAC Championship game tonight at 7:30 on ESPN. My Ohio University will face Central Michigan - the alma mater of Dick Enberg, Kevin White, and Dan Majerle. Check out the game notes.

As a current student, I was offered a free ticket to this game at Ford Field, albeit on late notice. I decided to decline in the hopes that Ohio would win, earning them a trip to the Motor City Bowl - also at Ford Field. I would definitely take a free ticket to that one, I thought. Alas, the Motor City Bowl eschewed the tradition of taking the MAC champion and instead invited local team Central Michigan, regardless of the outcome of tonight's game. Ohio will head down to the GMAC Bowl in Alabama. Here's the MAC bowl schedule - note that somehow the MAC managed to sneak two bowls into the week between the BCS games and the BCS National Championship game. Huh.