Sunday, November 05, 2006

Notre Dame 45, North Carolina 26

Quarterback: The national media is starting to remember that this Brady Quinn guy is pretty good. They're right - 346 yards and 4 TDs isn't bad. Evan Sharpley completely ruined his quarterback rating by going 0-for-1, but I don't think he's too heartbroken.

Running Back: The Irish started by attacking through the air, then went to the ground when they had the lead. Darius Walker ended up with 86 yards and a TD. James Aldridge continued to run tough, this times for 45 yards and a 5.6 YPC average.

Fullback: No touches from the fullback spot, and it looks like Coach Weis is developing this into a H-Back spot out of necessity. John Carlson and Marcus Freeman either lined up in the backfield or motioned there at least once in this game.

Receiver: Another quiet day for Jeff Samardzija - only 6 catches. Oh yeah, he also had 177 yards and broke the Notre Dame receiving touchdown record. Rhema McKnight had 6 for 56. McKnight continues to be a scoring threat, adding 2 TDs to his total. Oh, and Chase Anastasio threw in a catch for good measure.

Tight End:

Do you think the scouts have noticed John Carlson yet? If not, do you think 8 catches, 91 yards, and this TD helped?

O-Line: Stupid mistakes throughout, but this unit has taken enough crap this year. Let's just be happy with the win.


It seemed like these guys knew the snap count. That, or North Carolina has a center and two guards who don't realize that they're actually allowed to move. Derek Landri was in the backfield all day. He finished with 3.5 TFL, half a sack, and a blocked extra point. Trevor Laws added 3 tackles and a block of his own. Victor Abiamiri had 2 sacks, while Chris Frome had the other half of Landri's sack.

Linebacker: Maurice Crum did some snap count-jumping of his own, and he led the team with 9 tackles.

Safety: Well, Tom Zbikowski had 7 tackles.

Cornerback: Notre Dame's opponents should start inviting their 12-year-old sons to play NCAA Football 2007 at gameplanning meetings. The 12-year-old Playstation offense, at least for me, consisted solely of "go" routes and trick plays - the exact Achilles heels of the Irish defense.

Kicker: Carl Gioia chipped in a 27 yarder on his lone attempt.

Punter: Geoff Price averaged 45.8 yards on 5 punts.

Kick Returner: David Grimes had a nice 50 yard return, and totaled 101 yards on 3 returns.

Punt Returner: Hey, that Tom Zbikowski kid is pretty good too. Zbikowski finally got proper - and legal - blocking, and he took a kick 52 yards to the house.

Special Teams: The North Carolina return averages were pretty good, so I'll just ignore those and name names. Casey Cullen and Kyle McCarthy each recorded 2 special teams tackles.