Wednesday, November 22, 2006

KankaNation-Related Things I'm Thankful For

Editor's Note: ND-USC preview coming tomorrow... I hope.
  • A loving family, a good job, a challenging master's degree program, a roof over my head, and all that good stuff.

  • The chance to buy drinks - and not flowers - for a veteran of Iraq this weekend.

  • Great friends who put up with my inane ramblings. You guys are what keeps this site going. I'm just happy to do anything I can to facilitate our keeping in touch.

  • Those interwebs. Without them, this shy cellphone-less nerd probably wouldn't talk to any of his college friends any more.

  • Aw shucks, all my friends. Group hug, you guys.

  • The complete strangers - and new friends - who read this site on a regular basis. (To the person from Surrey, BC: I understand that your Thanksgiving is in October, so I apologize for this being a month late.)

  • The blogs who link to me. Their writing is a million times better, yet they still don't mind giving me a few residual readers.

  • Klondike's javascript skills. They've turned an annoying looking site into an annoying-looking site with cool "animated" thing-a-ma-bobs.

  • FireFox 2.0's built-in spellchecker. Because I can't read or write.

  • Ohio University, for choosing the quarter system. I'm on break through the end of the year, so I'll finally be able to update this site regularly. Maybe.

  • The future generation of bones, and the great parents who I know will raise them properly.

  • Coed softball. Trust me - it's awesome. Plus, if you join the fall league, you get to play through November!

  • A football coach with character, class, and a never-say-die attitude.

  • Three pro programs on the rise. Now all we need is a little patience.

  • Little rubber wristbands. The may be overused, or out-of-style, but for some there a great reminder to keep your priorities in check.

  • Advance thanks for safe travels this holiday weekend.

  • Football weekends at ND. Whether it's The Backer, or the game, or just sitting around someone's apartment telling old stories, I can never get enough Saturday trips.

  • The chance to spend four years at Our Lady's University. I don't know what it was, but I got really nostalgic last weekend, from the time I spotted the library, dome, and basilica from the turnpike. And is it starting to get dusty in here right now?