Monday, April 28, 2008

Notre Dame's Jansen, Brockington, and Travis Thomas Sign as Undrafted Free Agents

  • Snapper JJ Jansen has signed with the Green Bay Packers. A multi-year "starter," JJ definitely got his share of playing time with the punting unit last year, and yet he only had one or two bad snaps. That's definitely worth a look

  • Joe Brockington, thought by some to be a potential seventh rounder, signed with the Bills. Good for Brockington. This is a guy who was never a starter coming into the season, but year after year played his way into the starting lineup.

  • Travis Thomas signed with the Browns. Thomas will get some looks in the NFL as a special teamer, but perhaps not with the Browns. Safety Nick Sorensen is their special teams ace, returner Joshua Cribbs led the Browns in special teams tackles last year, and Ryan Pontbriand is the long snapper. That's three roster spots for guys who (more or less) only play on special teams and aren't kickers. Cleveland does need some depth at running back, but I don't know if Travis is the answer.

  • Geoff Price has yet to sign with anyone, but a guy with a powerful leg like that will surely be in someone's training camp.

  • Ambrose Wooden also is yet to join a team. Several ND defensive backs (Vontez Duff, Quentin Burrell to name a few) have found a good home in the Arena Football league and afl2, where they can occasionally play both ways. I wonder if that's something Wooden would consider.

  • Finally, I noted yesterday that Trevor Laws joins Victor Abiamiri on the Eagles. Philadelphia also recently picked up Rocky Boiman, now a 7-year NFL veteran.