Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Reading List

I cleaned up the list of links in the right sidebar a little. As I was working on the list, I thought of a new column idea that I could use when... well, when I don't have any better column ideas. It's called "My Reading List," and it will highlight some of the links in the sidebar, as well as some things from my ever-growing daily reading list of RSS feeds. Today I'll cover a few sports syndication sites, a fellow Cleveland-area blogger, and some up-and-coming Gammonsesque sites.

You may have head of the big sports syndication sites BallHype and YardBarker. These sites are the digg of sports, in essence. I added links to the bottom of each post that lets you add my articles to those sites, if that's your sort of thing. (If it's not, and you think all the additional stuff at the bottom of each post is getting out of control, please let me know.) I was also asked to syndicate my content on the site Bleacher Report. So be sure to check out that site and give them some love. Finally, you can also find me on ArmchairGM, which is an amalgam of the three above sites and Wikipedia. Plus it's run by my new Twitter-buddy Dan.

In baseball, FanGraphs is becoming more and more addictive as it adds more statistics. The commentary and analysis is top notch, too. Saber Scouting is run by a pair of young scouts. On their site, you'll learn as much about the scouting profession as you will about the young prospects they cover. Speaking of prospects, Project Prospect is an up-and-coming community full of Gammonsesque prospect-addicts like me.

Finally, there's fellow Cleveland-area blogger Mitchell, who runs Juiced Sports Blog. Mitchell is a good give with whom I've shared many an email, so be sure to support his site.