Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cleveland Cavaliers Last-Minute Draft Links

The NBA Draft starts Thursday night. The Cleveland Cavaliers have the 19th pick in the first round, and that's it. Here are some links that can serve as a last-minute cram session for Cavs fans.

First, the official sites:'s draft coverage's Draft Central

If you prefer national coverage that's not controlled by David Stern, there's

I'll admit I don't follow Cavs blogs as much as I'd like to, but here are some of note:
And One, from
Brian Windhorst, sportswriter
The Cleveland Fan's Cavs page (the site itself is affiliated with Sports Time Ohio)
Waiting for Next Year

And of course, there's the Cleveland Cavaliers section on Bleacher Report.

Finally, if you live in the Cleveland area, the Cavs are having an official draft party at the Winking Lizard in Lakewood. The Lakewood Lizard is a great old (1915) building that used to be an Elks Lodge. The Winking Lizard as a franchise is famous for its Beer Tour, burgers, and BBQ sauce. The draft party should be a good time.