Monday, March 08, 2004

KankaMatic Draft Clarifications

  • Pete will now be drafting for himself. Also, his favorite team is now the Toronto Blue Jays (unless he decides on the Red Sox).

  • I'm going to try to move up to 3 rounds per day. Rounds that are in reverse order (ending Dave, Mike, Ellen) are immediately followed by rounds that start with Ellen, Mike, and Dave. Therefore, I don't need to make any autodraft picks in between. So, starting tomorrow afternoon, I'll post the orders for both rounds 4 and 5. Round 4 will be below round 5, so be sure to pick in the right round first.

  • Feel free to comment on people's picks, but don't let it get out of hand. Try to limit it to 1 or 2 comments per pick, so I can actually find the actual pick in there. Any more comments, you can take them to the KankaNation message board. Also, importantly: the "wrestling move rule" will apply. For those of you not familiar with this rule (begun at poker night): No gloating, or another person may call you out and perform a wrestling move on you. So, comments like "DAH! Kanka just took Albert Pujols" are allowed, but comments like "Oh my God, I had the 7th overall pick and still was able to get Albert Pujols" would consitute a SmackDown.

  • You're not limited to players on the Player Ranking list; neither are you limited to players on your favorite team (or current Major Leaguers). For instance, Dave can take Scott Kazmir, and so can anyone else who wants him.

  • I won't be checking up on the draft except at lunch and after work (today was a minor exception). If you want any questions or complaints answered, reach me at

Weekend in review tomorrow, plus the bubble watch. Transaction Wire and AL Central preview later this week (I'll make no promises about a day this time). Once the baseball previews are done, I'll start keeping track of the teams that are rumored to have an interest in ND's NFL draftees-to-be.