Thursday, March 18, 2004

Transaction Wire

It's been a quite week for the Transaction Wire, but there is one item of note:
Eagles sign Terrell Owens. You see, if you're too lazy to follow the rules but whine a lot, you get ahead in life. Great.

What is a sport?

Ah, the age old argument. I've always answered it this way:
A sport is both a physical activity and a competition where your opponent's actions directly affect your own actions and the outcome of the event.
Now, to help understand something, sometimes it helps if we can break - it - down. Shall we?
1. physical activity: This is pretty self explanatory, unless you want to argue about which activities are "physical" and which aren't. I, personally, am lenient when it comes to this, so activities such as golf and bowling are still in.
2. competition: Well, duh. Otherwise, running on a treadmill would be a sport.
3. your opponent's actions directly affect...: I'll leave this one open to interpretation. If you want to take the strict meaning of it, things like football (this guy's running towards me and I have to tackle him) and baseball (fastball low and away, I need to take it opposite field) would be sports, but things like golf (you have to have the lowest score but no one's trying to block the ball from getting in the cup) and pole vault (Klondike, I'll let you make a suggestion here) wouldn't be. Of course, in the loose interpretation.
So, I guess I didn't really answer the question, mostly because I decided to be wishy-washy on rule #3 to let bowling, golf, etc. slide in.

As I said, short column today. Off to watch basketball (my bracket is D-U-N done already) and work on some KankaMatic goodness.